TV Review: Dark Matter (2×10) “Take the Shot”

Take the Shot

Does the Android belong on the ship? This was the question raised in this episode. It turns out that she is a valuable member of the crew, but everyone didn’t necessarily agree.

It turns out that the Android has the ability to dream. Not only is she able to do it, but she can control what happens in the dream. On top of that she can pull herself out of the them whenever she wants. Those are two powers that I’d like to have, but they’d come with a burden, which is what the episode revealed. Within the dreams she lived a nice quiet life with Victor. They lived in a pretty expensive house and even knew enough people to have a small party, but it wasn’t real. The Android could’ve easily slipped out of it, but she wasn’t immediately able to leave, which was interesting. She knew that nothing in the dream truly mattered, but it’s hard to walk away from a fantasy you can live in. Her reality wasn’t as nice as what she could imagine. It doesn’t seem like she plans on having dreams again, but who knows if and/or how they might affect her in the future.

While the Android slept everyone had to deal with whether or not they were going to reboot her and then kill her. After she revealed to the crew that she made a mistake and introduced the Android Simulation, that’s when she sort of dug her own grave. The crew sudden saw her more as a robot than they did as a human. It was fascinating to see how fast they switched. There was even that great conversation between Two and Five over what to do about her. Five was more interested in her humanity than Two seemed to be. It was emotions vs. logic. Good thing Five stuck to her guns because the Android could’ve died.

Due to the Simulated Android’s attack, we got to see three separate hallucinations from Four, Two, and Three. Four’s hallucination was action-packed. Watching him fight a hallucination of Misaki was engaging. The most surprising part was that he lost. It actually shook him up to be fake stabbed until he realized it was not real. The hallucination also brought up the fact that he’s concerned about his home world. That reunion seems to be getting a lot closer. Two’s illusion was only interesting because of the way the men were dressed. We have never seen those outfits before. It was a unique reveal. It’s not clear if those outfits were simple for the hallucination or if those people are a specific group of people from Rook’s company that she hates. Three’s hallucination was the most compelling of three. What made it amusing was that he knew it wasn’t real, but he couldn’t walk away. Seeing a dead loved one can’t be an easy decision to make even if you know it’s not real. The whole suicide attempt was hard to believe, but in the moment it made sense so I’ll let it slide.

The reveal of the Simulation Android being the culprit would’ve been better if it wasn’t as obvious. I think it would’ve been better if the Android seemed to be going haywire while she was awake or something along those lines. It just seemed too obvious who was causing the drama before it was revealed. What really fell flat in the grand scheme of things was the death threat. The Android didn’t seem to care that Two might be seriously injured or die she easily took the core offline once she was giving permission. Not only did it make the threat feel useless, but it made the Android seem more robotic than human. Two’s recovery also reestablished the fact that he can save her from almost anything, which the audience already knows and doesn’t need to be told almost every episode.

Last but not least is the recovery of Four’s old memories. Now that he has them in his possession, it’s unclear whether he’s going to put them back in his head and go to Ziron. Those memories will change him most likely for the worst. He’s definitely playing with fire by having them.


Dark Matter airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy.

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