TV Review: Dark Matter (2×09) “Going Out Fighting”

Going Out Fighting

Everybody has their own weaknesses. It just so happens that Two’s nanites were hers, which is ironic since they make her so powerful. How could she have known that they would fail her one day.

After last episode’s ending this one picked up close to when Two passed out. After a quick scan by the Android, it turned out that her nanites were failing and she was dying a slow death. Two wasn’t too afraid though and knew that she had to go to the Dwarfstar headquarters on Earth to solve her problem. Good thing for that flashback some episodes ago or else she would’ve been in trouble.

What was nice about this discovery was how the crew was willing to help Two without a second thought. She meant so much to all of them that they were willing to risk their lives for her. Even Nyx wanted to help, despite the fact that she’s new to the crew. What was even better was how Two didn’t want to die a slow death. She wanted to go out her way, which is why she gave herself that 24 hour window. Two continues to showcase how strong female characters can be.

The heavily secured facility was pretty easy to get into, which seems to be a recurring theme on this show. A quick conversation with Eric revealed that Two had spared his life because of their history and he was more than willing to help because of her kindness. Not to mention, he had some sort of affection for her since he basically raised her. Thanks to The Android’s creation they were able to pass by the retinal scanners. That fake out was a nice touch though since most of the crew’s plans don’t go as smoothly as they want. Three made it past the scanners, got to love technology.

Unfortunately for Three, Six and Eric, Rook had been expecting them. Three and Six were taken into custody while Eric was dispatched. Poor Eric. All he wanted to do was help out. The crew figured out that their members were in trouble so they came to help. This is when Rook revealed to Two that he had created a prototype that was even better than she was and he was correct. It made quick work of Two and Nyx. It was disappointing that Four took it out so easily, especially since he shot it because Two and Nyx did the same thing, but achieved different results.

Unfortunately Two still died (kind of), but thanks to Six’s quick thinking he was able to bring her back to life. Rook is going to be upset when he finds out that he unknowingly gave her the cure that she needed.

Rook should also be upset that his plan for Three failed as well. After a quick sort of introduction to some galactic creature, it turned out that Three was possessed. It was great to see that Six immediately noticed that something was up and didn’t wait to tell someone. What’s unfortunate is that this problem was dealt with in the same episode it appeared. The next episode could have easily been focused around trying to stop a possessed Three or trying to get rid of a creature that can take control of a human host. An interesting idea was literally thrown out of the airlock.

‘Going Out Fighting’ also had some interesting moments for Four. He hooked up with Nyx, but that wasn’t a smooth transition for the two. In fact things seem awkward between them. He also revealed to Six that he’s always conflicted between his home world and the crew. More importantly he needs his old memories to fix things back home.

Lastly, The Android woke up in a bed. She also seemed human in that moment. Is it simply a dream or something more?


Dark Matter airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy

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  • Fiery Little One

    It was good of them to deal with that… whatever it was… in Three as quickly as they did otherwise I might start questioning their intelligence.

    • Leaf Miranda

      I see what you mean. I just saw it as an opportunity for that issue to lead into the next episode

      • Fiery Little One

        That’s fair, but I’d say the only way they’d move it to a different episode is if they couldn’t fit it into this one. I’ll admit YMMV in terms of how well it worked though.