TV Review: Dark Matter (2×08) “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”

Stuff to Steal, People to Kill

No matter where the crew of the Raza goes, it seems that they have a reputation. This episode slightly proved that by showing the audience another version of some of the characters in a separate dimension. Turns out they’re just as bad if not worse in that reality.

What’s interesting about this discovery is that the show can have the Raza travel to other dimensions and see endless possibilities for themselves and the universes they live in. The Other Raza also proved that the ‘Blink Drive’ works as originally intended as long as it’s calibrated right. This device changes everything, but it’ll also come with a lot of enemies as soon as everyone discovers that the crew has it and what it’s capable of doing.

While it was nice to see a different version of the crew it didn’t truly make them seem different, which is both a good and bad thing. On the positive side, it reiterates how bad the crew could’ve been if it wasn’t for Five’s interference. It was great to see how easily Jace was willing to nuke that mining colony and his crew members. On the negative side, aside from Jace’s actions, everyone else felt reused. We have seen the bad sides of these characters before so it wasn’t really a shocker. Also there was no duels between the originals and their copies. It would’ve been cool to see if they were evenly matched or if being bad came with more combat skills.

In spite of the flaws of this dimensional hop it did bring to light a few things. Five is to thank for the crew’s new behavior. This is known, but it is reiterated by this episode. Six not only tells her that she made them who they are but it shows by the other crew’s interactions with one another. Jace was willing to kill his crew with no problem, but the crew we know would never make a decision like he did. They are a family and treat each other as one. There’s also the fact that Other Two revealed to Four how Other Four was able to reclaim his throne. It’s unclear whether he’ll do the same, but it was revealed that his step brother can’t be trusted, at least in that dimension. It was also stated that hard decisions were necessary in order for Other Four to stay on the throne. Is Four willing to make those types of choices?

The other dimension adds a similar, but important layer to this episode, which is that the corporations can’t be trusted. They know that the Raza does whatever they want and the corporations will do the same themselves. It was cool to see the ‘Men in Black’ Four and Six talk the Android into shutting down. Let’s not forget one of the corporations was willing to nuke a colony. None of them can be trusted as far as the crew knows and you better believe they’ll be coming for the Raza once they find out about the drive.

Lastly it seems like Two’s condition is getting worse. Not only are her hands still spasming, but her vision is now going as well. She even fainted at the end. Based on next week’s episode, it seems like she’ll have to deal with that problem by figuring out something from her past. Hopefully she’ll get a cure before it’s too late.


Dark Matter airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy

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  • Fiery Little One

    Yeah, of everything that happened, Two collapsing worries me the most. Though I will admit I pictured it happening a bit differently: it happens in front of at least one of the others.

    • Leaf Miranda

      Hopefully it’s something that can be fixed. I doubt they’d kill off another main character.

      • Fiery Little One

        I tend to agree.