TV Review: Dark Matter (2×07) “She’s One of Them Now”

She's One of Them Now

It’s hard to tell if the crew just made things better or worse for themselves. They can never go on a mission without there being some form of repercussions. This is why they can’t have nice things.

Let’s begin with Nyx and Devon. They’re not the main characters, but they sure had a lot of screen time this episode. Nyx is still trying to get over the loss of her brother. It’s upsetting that she doesn’t seem to know that he’s dead, but Four knows that he might have committed suicide and didn’t tell her. The reason that it feels like Nyx is in the dark is because of the small conversation she had with The Android. She said that she hopes to see him again, but the manner in which she said it sounded like a more realistic sense than a spiritual one. If only Four had already told her. Nyx also seemed to get let down by Devon in the end, which sucks because she doesn’t know he got stabbed.

Why did that have to happen to him? We finally got more information about him. Nyx called him out on his drug addiction and he owned up to it. He even told her that he wasn’t able to save a little girl’s life because of it. It was even better when Nyx first asked for bills and he told her it wouldn’t help, but then he instantly gave it to her which made his argument lose the value it could’ve had. It would’ve been better if he was adamant about it and Nyx stole the medicine instead, but then she realized she didn’t need them. What was worse is that they made Devon like the side characters in The Walking Dead. The show revealed more of his back story only for him to potentially die in the end. Seriously?! I hope he isn’t dead.

Let’s not forgot that the Seers are the ones that attacked him. It turns out that they’re not done with Nyx. What’s interesting is that they revealed how important her brother really was to them because their prediction was half wrong. Another mistake like that with this crew could cost them their lives. It’s also being set up that the Seers will be the ones to reveal to Nyx that her brother is no longer alive.

The biggest part of the episode was the break in at Alicia’s facility which was executed by Three, Four, and Five; Five being the MVP of the mission. Not only did she single-handedly track down Alicia’s transfer transit coordinates and hack into the system, but she was also able to hack into the computer at the facility in order to find out what Alicia was after. Three and Four ended up standing around. That is until trouble started, but even then Five snuck the device out. Props to her! This episode not only reminded the audience why she’s good for the team, but also that she can handle herself if necessary.

It turns out that the device was a ‘Blink Drive’. A device that will let any ship instantaneously travel through the galaxy, in the blink of an eye. Basically it’s teleportation for a ship. What’s funny is that the crew didn’t need to take it, but they did anyways. Their mission was simply to gather information, but the device sounded so cool and useful that they decided to steal it.

In spite of their victory, Alicia now knows that they have it. She also only travels by transfer transit and she revealed that she can send a charge that can kill others in their pods. It’s not clear whether this will come into play later, but if it does then the crew should consider no longer traveling that way.

Also thanks to Tabor’s girl (or one of them), Kierken is back on the crew’s trail. Their list of enemies never end.

Rating: 9/10

Dark Matter airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy

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  • Fiery Little One

    Because Devon didn’t do anything major outside of patching up Six, I don’t consider him much of a loss.

    • Leaf Miranda

      True, but having a doctor on board can really be value to the crew. That’s basically all he offers though haha

      • Fiery Little One

        I’ll grant that. It’s just if they really wanted me to care about him getting killed off, he had to be more involved than he actually was.

        • Leaf Miranda

          I completely agree with you and I’m not just saying that. I was simply seeing it from a logical standpoint. Devon hasn’t done anything special he just has a special set of skills.