TV Review: Dark Matter (2×06) ” We Should Have Seen This Coming”

We Should Have Seen This Coming

Nyx’s past has finally been revealed. She has been setting herself up for this episode with hints about her powers and telling Four that she’s different, and now we know why. She is a human with high cognitive abilities, which we get to see in flashbacks in the beginning. Now that the audience has an idea of how her powers work, it makes sense how she’s good at combat and how she can be really available as the season moves forward.

Before we got even more information about her life, the show revealed that the Android is back to her old self, at least while she’s on board the ship. She’s also changed her outfit. This was a small but good scene because it shows that her previous human actions got to her. She had unnecessarily put the crew in harm’s way when she acted more human, so it’s better for her to revert to her regular self while she’s piloting the Raza. Her change in attire also reminds the audience that although she isn’t human, she is still different from most androids. Her small human characteristics make her unique.

Another element that was revealed is that the crew now knows that Arax was talking to Alicia. They know that she will be coming for them eventually, which is why they needed to pull an operation, to be ready to take her head on. Nyx offered the operation of stealing a drug called ‘Shadow’ and selling it to a buyer.

This led to the rest of Nyx’s story. Apparently she came from a race of people who has cognitive predictive abilities aka CPA. These people were captured by a corporation and experimented on against their will. They rose up and freed themselves only to get enslaved again by the rebellion’s leader. Talk about a run of bad luck. The people were put into a machine to become one collective where they would predict the future for Hansmeed and his Seers. One of these collective members being Nyx’s brother Milo played by Mpho Koaho (aka Anthony from Falling Skies).

It turns out that Milo is the strongest collective member that Hansmeed has and that Milo changed the collective’s information in order for him to escape. Of course that was all in vain because he wasn’t able to stay on board, which he knew. What was interesting about Milo is that he foreshadowed the rest of the season for us. He told Four that some time in the near future another member of the crew would betray everyone. As if they didn’t have enough trouble trying to trust Six again. He also said that in the next six months it’s likely that an all out war will arise between the corporations. That doesn’t fair well with the galaxy or the crew, since all the corporations pretty much hate them. Not only that but Milo was truly convinced that the Raza crew would be pivotal in the future, to tip the balance of the scales. He even hinted that one person might change everything, as he was talking to Five. Talk about a spoiler alert. Unfortunately for Milo, he wasn’t able to stay on board and he wasn’t willing to work for Hansmeed anymore, so he killed himself. Four gave him the idea. It’s unclear whether Nyx predicted this or not, but if she hasn’t, I wonder how she’ll deal with knowing that Four gave him the idea.

Another story line of this episode was that Three and Six couldn’t immediately return to the Raza and got stuck in the Marauder. These scenes were short, but they showed that Six is trying to make up for his mistakes. He knows he’s messed up and he says he knows who he is now. Hopefully this is true, so that he’s no longer the pancake of a character he’s been since this season began.

Lastly, after acquiring some ‘Shadow’, Devon decided to snag himself a little. He gets caught by Five and makes up an excuse, but Five clearly doesn’t believe him. She doesn’t call him out, but it’s only a matter of time before she does. Can’t have a drug addicted medic on board.


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