TV Review: Dark Matter (2×05) “We Voted Not to Space You”

We Voted Not to Space You

One surprising disappointment from this episode comes from its title. Typically the titles of Dark Matter episodes this season have not only been dialogue, but the episode have revolved around the theme of the title. Keeping that in mind, it would seem that this episode would mainly be focused on Six’s place within the crew. Don’t get me wrong, it was brought up but it wasn’t centered around that idea. If you don’t believe me, watch one of the previous episodes and hopefully you’ll see what I mean.

The majority of this one was actually about getting revenge for One’s death. It was surprising how easily they managed to find Jace. One of the most dangerous people on the planet was one quick interrogation away from being located. Seems like people can’t be trusted in the galaxy they live in. In spite of the fact that Jace got the drop on them when they first came in, the entirety of his demise was severely underwhelming. He shot at them, but none of his bullets landed. He didn’t knock anyone out either. He got shot and hid . Then he ran, but got caught again. So he activated his emergency protocol, but he ended up trapping himself. Only to be shot in the head after he furthered the plot a bit more. For someone so dangerous, they played him off as a common criminal. The best part of his appearance was reminding the audience and Two that rumors of her new demeanor will spread throughout the galaxy and that people who used to fear her won’t anymore. That goes for Three and Four as well.

During this revenge filled mission, we got to see more of Nyx’s powers. Her ability to predict events allowed her to not only save Two’s life, but Three’s as well. Who knows how else this ability will come in handy. It also continues to suggest that Nyx is either half human or something else entirely.

Aside from the threat of Jace Corso, the crew unknowingly had to watch out for Chief Inspector Kierken. They had no clue they were being followed by him. Four had to find out when he got trapped under some rocks and was eventually taken into custody by Kierken. Four, as we know, was saved, but Kierken is still a threat. It’s not clear whether Kierken will continue to plague the crew or if he’s just a small villain.

As we know part of Four’s rescue was due to the remaining members that were originally on the ship, during the beginning of the mission. Five, Six, and Devon came right in the nick of time. A little convenient for my taste, but I won’t be too picky. The problem with the rescue was that the scenes leading up to it felt unnecessary. The ones I’m referring to are the scenes with the three of them walking as Six continues to struggle to move. I felt like those could’ve been cut and there could’ve been one scene of them getting to the Marauder as Six struggles to breathe, or something along those lines.

As for the three heroes, there were some good scenes. Getting more into Devon’s addiction was interesting. The episode suggested that it all stems from one surgery gone wrong. Whether or not it’s because of the addiction wasn’t clear, but we’ll find out eventually. Five revealed that she’s already tired of running. Being with her friends means constantly looking over her shoulder and she’d rather face her enemies head on. Six, however, continues to be on the opposite side of things. He thought One’s revenge was wrong. Killing Jace didn’t seem like the right thing in his mind. He was willing to risk his life to save his friends though, which helps his case. He needs to figure out what he wants.

Last but not least is the Android. She took the upgrade. After telling Two and Three about it and volunteering to go undercover first. She was surprisingly human. It was as if she had been that way her whole life. There were no android like behaviors that would give her away. She even knew how to flirt like a human. It was funny when she slapped Three’s butt to prove it. She even chose the name Kiva Ehrens. Everything that shines isn’t always gold though. It turns out that the upgrade comes with her making human mistakes. She slightly damaged the ship when she could have easily avoided it. Hologram Android even told her that she could become a liability. What will the Android do?


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