TV Review: Dark Matter (2×04) “We Were Family”


The crew’s dynamic is going to change. This episode revealed that everyone is going to be faced with new choices as the series progresses. Whether they are for the better or for the worst is the real question.

Let’s begin with everyone’s favorite android. She continued to show more emotions despite her “original” programming. It was nice to see her ask to tag along when Five and Devon went shopping and it was funny that she insulted them in an attempt to join. The moment she looked at Victor it was clear that he showed interest in The Android, and that in her own way, she did too. Not only that but now he’s given her the key to act just like a human. Apparently there are androids out there that are completely blending in with humans. In retrospect, it seems like a metal detector would give away their identities, but let’s not be nit picky. What was interesting about The Android is that she found out she was programmed to have emotions all along. The question is why? Is her design a part of some larger plan or was it supposed to be in the past? Hopefully we’ll find out. What’s more intriguing is if she’s going to take the upgrade and become more human. It’d be great to see that side of her. Not only that but it might create future drama. Victor said that the human androids don’t trust humans, but The Android completely trusts her crew. Will a more human like state change their minds about her?

Speaking of trust, Arax messed up and has completely lost his share. In trying to steal a key from Five, he unknowingly got caught. Five has him on camera and switched the real key for a fake one. Way to go Five! Then not only did Arax look stupid in front of Alicia, but now his cover is blown. On top of that, his suggestion to get rid of Six has to be completely off the table, because now he’s the only one that’s going to get kicked off.

The other two crew members also revealed information about themselves. Devon might be a drug addict. When he was alone he shot himself up with a drug. Then when he was performing that surgery, his hand started to shake. Withdrawal anyone? If he doesn’t get that in checked he could be in trouble. Nyx showed Four how she instantly picks up new fighting skills. She matched him in combat despite the fact that she’s never touched a bow staff, until they sparred. She said to her, it’s as if everything slows down and she can sometimes predict her opponent’s moves. When Four asked her what she was, she said that she might tell in time. At least she knows what she is and isn’t in the dark, like Two was once. Maybe she’s an enhanced being like Two. Maybe they were made by the same people.

Two also got some new information. After her mental fight with Five, she realized that she wanted to know more about that place from that memory. It’s good to see the crew still wondering about their past. After Nyx charmed up that woman, they found out that the location was Terra Prime aka Earth. This was where Two was at her weakest. It’s exciting to think about what might have happened to her there and what Earth is like at their current time. Also, why Earth might have been abandoned in the first place.

Another character that took a trip down memory lane was Three. He ran into his old crew/family. The ones that left him on that planet where he eventually fell for Sarah. He unexpectedly believed that they were his friends simply because he had files on them. That didn’t make any sense since the crew knows that they have a dark past, filled with people who act evil despite their new good natures. Well, Three had to find that out the hard way when he went on a solo operation with them. Turns out, they stole a man’s kid in order to make him cooperate. When he refused without seeing his son first, they killed him in cold blood. Three’s eyes were finally opened and he killed them without hesitation. Not before he found out that Tanner lied about killing his parents though. Three then took him out and saved the little boy. It was nice to see that he covered the kid’s view so that he didn’t see Tanner’s dead body, and that he decided to take him back to his home. Poor kid.

An the end Six finally wakes up. He feels terrible about his actions and wonders why they saved him, which he should since he messed up. It was good to see that Two still cared about him and mentioned how he saved them. She was still hurt, but betrayal will do that to someone. Hopefully he can redeem himself in everyone’s eyes. Not only that, but hopefully he can forgive himself at some point.

For now it looks like they’re going to have to worry about the real Jace.


Dark Matter airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy

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    Not a fan of the android. She is not everyone’s favorite.

    • Nerilldp

      Aww, sorry.

    • Leaf Miranda

      I shouldn’t have assumed she was everyone’s favorite haha. What is it you don’t like about her character? Does the idea of her becoming more human make her seem more interesting to you?

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        No less. I like the more traditional android idea. I loved Data, and I do like the concept of how human can an android go, right? This character feels clunky to me at this point. Hopefully it will expand work better as they go. Many shows need time to develop and I try not to judge minor stuff during this period. I like the show.

        • Leaf Miranda

          Okay, I see where you’re coming from. She isn’t the traditional android that you might expect. Hopefully she does change more into a character you like. If not then she’s just a character that you don’t like. It happens with tv shows as you know. I never liked One so I’m not mad that he’s gone, but that’s just me. Glad you enjoy they show despite her characterization.

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            I was wondering is One really gone? I tried to find out online if that actor left for sure. I agree, they did not need him. I like the new 3 characters they have who escaped prison with them.

          • Leaf Miranda

            I haven’t seen any news about it. I’ve checked his twitter after the premiere aired and he didn’t say anything so I have no idea.

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            Also I did not say I did not like her, just that she was not my favorite :)

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