TV Review: Dark Matter (2×03) “I’ve Seen the Other Side of You”

I've Seen the Other Side of You

It turns out that the crew’s memories aren’t gone after all, which Five had to learn the hard way. Thanks to last week’s episode, the interrogation of the Android left her neural link broken. Little did the crew know that they had neural links of their own. In fact, they had backup files on a laptop which brought them back to an earlier state, before they originally lost their memories.

Since good old Portia, Ryo and Marcus came back, that meant that they had no clue who Five was at all. They especially didn’t have any recollection of Nyx, Arax, or Devon. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the new members were confined to only the mess hall and their quarters, but now they were targets. The crew actually would’ve been lucky if they killed Arax, since he continues to be a pawn for their enemies. First he was under the Warden’s control and now it turns out that he’s working for Alicia. They’re smart not to trust this man. Devon, on the other hand, seems to be a good guy. He simply wants to help and does so when the opportunity arises. Nyx also doesn’t seem to be an immediate threat; in fact she has some skills. She was able to avoid detection and managed to free the others. She also stole the guns from under their noses. During the firefight she wasn’t afraid to make risky maneuvers. She could be a good asset for the crew.

Five took this turn of events the hardest. Her friends, who she had come to care for in the span of months that she has known them, were now trying to kill her every second that they could. They revealed their true nature to her and she was shocked on how ruthless they used to be. This was not the crew she had known. Not to mention, she was pretty much alone against them. The Android had to reset and even though the other three helped her out, that doesn’t mean that she trusts them. The one person she did put her trust in was the Projection Android. The voice of logic and reason in her troubling times. If it wasn’t for the Projection Android’s help, then she would’ve lost her friends forever. It’s unclear if they’ll continue to partner up, but it would be nice to see again.

The best part about this episode was the transformation of Two, Three, and Four. From the beginning of the series it has been said how ruthless the crew of the Raza was, but it wasn’t clear until this episode. They trusted no one but each other and were willing to kill everyone on board. Even Five, despite the fact that she’s just a teenage girl. Three mentioned how he was willing to sell her into slavery simply for the money. These were not the crew members that fans were used to seeing. Another shocking part of these character changes was the fact that Two can link with the ship. It’s not a good idea, but it’s a strong power to have. If it wasn’t for Five kicking her butt in that memory, then she would’ve killed the strangers on board. She might have even sustained serious damage to her body in spite of her enhancements.

After the Android’s repairs, it was interesting to find out that the crew could regain their old memories without losing their current ones. The problem being that if they download their memories they could slip back into the people they used to be. None of them took the offer for now, but it’s intriguing to know that the option is still on the table for later.

The one thing that seemed out of place was the lack of dialogue around One and Six. Early on when Two is still herself, she mourns One’s death and asks Three what they’re going to do about it. She even tells Three why he was on board in the first place. Then the crew turns back into their old selves, but they never ask where the other two members of their crew are. Three goes to the vault with Five, but he doesn’t ask why Six is in a containment pod. It seems like One and Six are slowly being swept under the rug.

Now the crew has to worry about who Three unknowingly contacted. Hopefully it’s an ally for once.

Rating: 8/10

Dark Matter airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy

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  • Michelle Y. Kim

    Their memories were from before Six and One joined their crew. They’d only been on the ship a few months before their memories were wiped, this set of memories was from over a year ago.

    • Leaf Miranda

      That makes a lot more sense. I’m sorry that I missed that information. Thank you for the clarification. What did you think of the episode?

      • Michelle Y. Kim

        Whoops, missed your comment! I liked it a lot, I’m a big sucker for identity themes so getting a glimpse of the “real” Raza crew was great. And it was intriguing how they all seemed to be past the point of redemption and just accepted it while our current crew isn’t looking for redemption but may have unknowingly found it already simply by becoming the better people their pasts wouldn’t allow them to.