TV Review: Dark Matter (2×02) “Kill Them All”

Kill Them All

“Kill Them All” had too much going on. A lot of the subplots fell through while others got pushed to the side. This led to certain characters not having any chances to grow and others acting rash.

Let’s start off with the shocking death of One. It makes sense that it might not be prevalent to the crew’s situation in this episode, but it was a big moment that deserved more time than what it got. Honestly, it felt crow-barred into the episode, which made his death have an impact. Hopefully his death will seriously affect the crew in the episodes to come.

A good part of this episode was centered around Commander Shaddick’s investigation into the destruction of Iriden 3. What was most interesting was that she wanted to prove that the Raza was the one responsible for its destruction. It wasn’t entire clear what she would get from their confessions though. Another intriguing part of her character was that she really seemed to hate kids/teenagers. She put a gun to Five’s head and she slapped her across the face, but when it came to the older members of the crew, she simply offered deals. She definitely didn’t like the youth. Unfortunately, her death felt rushed. She seemed like another serious threat to the crew and she was killed in her second episode.

The most scattered part of the episode was when the crew was attempting to escape. At first they didn’t have a plan at all. They were following Arax’s orders and lying low, which seemed out of character. They would always be looking for a way out which is why Nyx being the voice of reason made no sense. Then Arax wanted to get out even though he seemed to be fine with his position last episode (which the characters mention as well). Another decision that felt odd; it made logical sense, but it didn’t flow with the story. What was a nice touch was that Delaney’s secret gave Three the blueprints to the prison. It seems like they still have some people on their side.

This led to the crew’s eventual escape. Nothing was better than watching the Android make quick work of those guards and Shaddick. It was even better when Five found Three’s gun and started blasting guards left and right. Two and Three’s escape was pretty standard, but Four’s story continues to grow. He got a visit in the infirmary from Misaki Han, who is the new Commander of the Royal Guard. She mentioned that the two of them use to sneak off together and train. Is she Four’s old girlfriend? The two definitely trained together because that cool sword fight seemed to show them evenly matched. A true winner wasn’t decided because Five interfered and blasted Misaki.

Everyone made it out of the cell-block, including the doctor. The final part of their escape was due to the help of Six. He was willing to shoot his own friend in order to help them. Unfortunately, he got shot himself. This would’ve seemed like a more noble gesture if he hadn’t locked them up. Also, Six seemed like he truly wanted to help them get out in the première, but since that’s not the case, his actions felt too sudden. He’s constant switching makes him an untrustworthy character. If they manage to save his life then maybe he’ll finally choose a side, once he recovers.

As this potentially new crew moves forward it seems like they’re already heading for trouble. The end of this episode shows the character Alicia Reynaud stating that her asset is on the Raza and how that person will get rid of the original members. Are they talking about some of the prisoners that escaped? Could it be the Android?

Rating: 6/10

Dark Matter airs Fridays @10/9c on Syfy

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