TV Review: Dark Matter (2×01) “Welcome to Your New Home”

Welcome to Your New Home

The crew of the Raza are separated. Thanks to Six’s betrayal at the end of last season, it turns out that not all of them are together now. Six obviously switched sides. Five and One were innocent so they went to crew quarters. Two, Three, and Four were sent to prison, more specifically Hyperion-8.

Let’s start with Six, the betrayer. His actions didn’t really make sense. Finding out he was an undercover cop would change his perspective on things, but it didn’t justify him completely switching sides and giving up the crew. He had formed a real bond with his shipmates, and not with the Galactic Authority, so his betrayal felt forced. It was interesting to find out that his real name is Kal Varrik. Since that is his real name and since he works for the GA, that must mean that he has enemies that hate him for a whole new reason. Hopefully we’ll get to see some of those this season. Another interesting aspect of his new life is that the Galactic Authority isn’t good either. They let that bombing happen and are getting paid by the corporations. It looks like no one is truly good.

Can’t talk about Six without bringing up Five. She didn’t get much screen time this episode, but her reaction to Six’s reveal was perfect. She truly thought she could trust him but apparently that wasn’t the case. That smack to the face summed up exactly how she was feeling and it felt right. Then that anger seemed to easily subside when Six asked her to decode a file. That scene didn’t real right. She didn’t even really put up a fight to not help him. It would’ve been better if he had to beg her, or something along those lines. On a positive note, it turns out that her real name is Emily Kolburn. It’s not clear yet whether it’ll play any significance in the future, but based on everyone else’s true identities, it has to mean something. The real question now is if she’ll eventually testify against her friends for some reason.

Unlike Five’s comfy stay, Three, Two, and Four weren’t so lucky. Three immediately ran into some trouble. Some guys wanted money from him, but he was saved by Nyx, but it turned out she wanted trouble as well and managed to knock him down. Good thing the infirmary has good food and a hot nurse. It was so good that Three even hurt himself to go back. Although the nurse left and the guy that gave him the self-injury advice is now receiving daily shock therapy. Honestly that felt like a waste of a storyline, that could have easily brought a lot of humor to the beginning of this season.

Two got to make a new ally in Nyx. So far it seems like she wants to team up with Two to escape, but is she in it for the both of them or only herself? The potential team up was made in solitary. The sim yard is a unique concept that they’ll probably end up using again. The problem with the solitary scenes was that they didn’t show what it’s like to be alone for hours on end. It has already been stated that a person can lose their mind in there, so that small toll should’ve been shown on Two. In future prison episodes, that should be explored.

Four also ran into some people during his first day. They were surprisingly less violent than they could’ve been and it was Four that actually started the fight. This revealed the sonic sound that could take out an entire block, or even the entire prison if need be. A feature that the crew will have to overcome during their eventual escape. Four also helped introduce Arax, the Warden’s eyes and ears. He helps keeps things in order for special privileges. He will most likely be a problem for them down the road.

What was weird about the prison scenes was that three of them didn’t meet up until the end. It would’ve made more sense if they met up in the beginning and discussed how they should look for clues in order to get out of there. They also didn’t really mention finding out what happened to their friends.

A small but significant scene was the one with the android. She’s becoming more human by the episode and it’s awesome, especially since she kind of smiled when she denied to give up the information. It was like a really good person who had broken the rules for once and actually liked it.

Last but not least is One. He got away scot-free because of the lawyer he didn’t know he had. He spent most of this episode chilling in an apartment and  investigating his wife’s murder. What was odd about those scenes was the fact that he was still interested in the case. He doesn’t even remember the woman, so why does he care so much. What was more interesting was that his lead conveniently died after he asked that guy to find him. It looks like the current CO might not share One’s interest. Not that it matters, since he’s dead! The real Jace found him and killed him, or so it seems. Hopefully we’ll find out next episode if he’s truly dead.

Personal Note: I never liked One, so I’m fine if he gets replaced by the real Jace.

Rating: 7/10

Dark Matter airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy

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  • Killsqu8d

    This shows awesomeeeeeee

    • Leaf Miranda

      It is! I’m not enjoying season 2 too much though, but I feel like it’s just heading to a good storyline.

      • Killsqu8d

        It HAS to be building up to something

        • Leaf Miranda

          True. I just think it’s off to a rocky start

          • Killsqu8d

            Premiere had me re-hooked, but I digress