TV Review: Big Brother Canada 4 (Round #7)

Now THAT was a Big Brother week that will go down in the record books! Big Brother Canada saw drama after drama, campaign after campaign, and fight after fight pop up every step of the way. And it was all just to evict one person! Who knew a simple move to evict someone would spark so much chaos?

Raul Big Brother Canada 4

Only true Big Brother greats have survived moments like this when a game blows up in their face. They’ve learned to adapt and alter their plans to make big bold moves that keep them around, like Dan’s funeral from Big Brother 14 (US). But when there’s potentially no hope and nothing to lose, that’s when the real fun starts. Someone took the risk by going big and destroying everything around him. It was a tidal wave of drama and one that will no doubt become a fan favorite in the future.

Here’s a look of what went down in the Big Brother Canada 4 house during Round #7:

Round 7

  • Picking up right after Dallas’ eviction, the house is forced with the decision of choosing between Kelsey or Loveita to return to the game. They know that Kelsey will bring a more light-hearted, fun atmosphere while Loveita, on the other hand, will be an easier person to get out. Joel is unsure how Kelsey will react if she returns, but the house has decided. Kelsey is chosen to return to the game, which means that Loveita is officially evicted.
  • Jared and the rest of the house are excited for Kelsey’s return. She shares some details about her time in the room with Loveita, but she’s hiding the truth. She’s a changed person now and is more focused on playing the game than floating around and having a good time. The house has a pizza party to welcome Kelsey’s return to the house.
  • Kelsey spills to Jared that Loveita, Joel and Mitch were in an alliance that turned against them to get her out. She teases to Raul this fact and he gets worked up wanting to know the full story since Mitch is his best-friend. Jared and Kelsey tell him the details but force him to promise that he won’t confront Mitch. He promises…
  • Minutes later, Raul confronts Mitch and spills the gift that Kelsey has given them; Raul lets slip that he knows Mitch is against him. She comes into the bathroom to break it up and knock some sense into Raul. Jared is upset and yells at him; he can’t believe that Raul would waste the opportunity to blindside Mitch and give him the chance to save himself.
  • “Trading Fates” is the HOH competition. Each houseguest must compete in one of three fate (pushing boulder, balancing sword on head, or balancing the world on a plate) and the last one still holding onto their fate wins the HOH. After Maddy, Ramsey and Kelsey fall, Tim offers the chance for people to change fates. Nobody wants to change so everyone stays the same. It comes down to Raul vs. Nick, but after Nick slips from boulder test, Ramsey claims HOH for the week.
  • As a prize for winning HOH, Raul gets to choose the Have-Nots for the week. He picks Joel, Ramsey, Maddy and Nick/Phil.
  • Tim and Nikki feel distant from the group now that Kelsey has returned. They feel disposable and simply toys that the other houseguests like to have around. They compare themselves to extra votes with no voices. Tim isn’t going to get so involved in the drama anymore while Nikki is going to be smarter and be as fake as how others treat her.
  • Kelsey spills the bean to Raul about Mitch’s plans – the ones she learned from her time with Loveita. He’s shocked that his best-friend had orchestrated his time on the blog and potential eviction. Raul jokes that Mitch isn’t a muffin anyone, he’s “Mitch Mastermind” after his totem pole strategy. Raul has the ammunition he needs to nominate Mitch against Joel.
  • Joel is worried about being nominated as a pawn since pawns tend to go home (just look at Paige). Mitch, on the other hand, is excited as he can start playing the game. Nikki is upset that her closest friend Mitch is nominated. Raul is equally as sad but Kelsey comes in to reassure and remind him how powerful Mitch is in the game. Mitch tries to get Raul back on his side, but Raul’s eyes are now open and he can see through him.
  • Raul, Mitch, Joel, Jared, Nick/Phil and Ramsey are selected to compete in the Power of Veto (POV) competition. Before the challenge, Ramsey and Jared are plotting. They’ve been secretly chatting and working together – Ramsey brings up the idea of getting rid of the brothers instead of evicting Mitch. He’s open to the idea.
  • “Who can YOU beat?” is the POV competition. Players will challenge another competitor to one of three casino games: Card toss, roulette or bingo. If they win, they get three points, but if they lose then they only get one. The other players will bet who will win in the match – if they’re right, they get two points. The person with the most points at the end wins the POV.
  • A few of the houseguests play strategically and throw their matches. Jared throws his match against Nick so that everyone loses their betting points. Raul challenges Ramsey to Blackjack Roulette and throws the game so that Ramsey wins the round. Ramsey and Jared head to tiebraker and compete in the bingo, but Jared pulls ahead to win the POV.
  • Kelsey talks to Raul about potentially getting out the brothers. He’s upset and doesn’t want the POV to be used since he had to take a big risk and nominate Mitch. He gets mad at Kelsey/Jared for thinking about going back on their word.
  • There’s some last minute discussion about saving Mitch, but ultimately Jared does not use the POV. Mitch causes a tidal wave of drama after his POV safety speech. He openly stands his ground to take down Jared/Kelsey/Raul and cause chaos in the house until the day he’s gone.
  • Everyone is reacting to the backlash from Mitch’s speech. Tim is impressed by Mitch and understands that he’s right – the Jared/Kelsey/Raul alliance is dangerous. Raul, on the other hand, is upset and heartbroken that his best-friend would say those negative things about him.
  • Big Brother reveals a few of the complaints from the BB Complaint Cupboard. Their requests will be revealed but with an evil twist. Joel who asked for a super power will have to dress as a superhero and walk backwards for the whole day, Cassanda wanted more screen time so now a video her will be playing on the TV screens all day, and Tim will have to keep Nick up all night since he’s tired of Nick’s snoring.
  • Nikki convinces Mitch to make his case to the other side of the house and prove his worth. As he’s explaining his value, the others are starting to believe it, even though he’s making up a lot of the facts. The others are opening up to the idea of saving him.
  • Mitch tries one last ditch effort and blows up Kelsey’s game by exposing her deal with Ramsey and Maddy. The event causes some houseguests to talk but in the end, Mitch is evicted by a vote of 5-3.
  • The next HOH competition is called “Before or After?” The houseguests will have to determine if the first event came before or after the second event mentioned. The last houseguest standing will win HOH. Phil and Ramsey are quickly eliminated first before the show ends in a cliffhanger. The next HOH winner will be revealed at the next episode.

Mitch Evicted Big Brother Canada 4

Mitch’s “masterful” game blew up in his face. He played the middle and orchestrated both sides of the house to continue targeting each other, making sure that the threats weren’t focusing on him. It’s a sound strategy and if kept in line every step of the way, it can be a winning move – Andy from Big Brother 15 played a similar game and won. Mitch, up until the twist occurred, looked like a sure bet for making it to at least Top 5 or 6. However, he had no exit strategy.

Kelsey returning to Big Brother (and Loveita spilling the dirt to her) didn’t destroy Mitch’s game. In fact, it merely expedited the potential results. The houseguests would have eventually started talking to each other and putting the pieces together about his game; that’s not to say he still couldn’t have won. Mitch unfortunately was on the losing side since his sort-of enemy (Jared/Kelsey/Raul) were in power. This is a perfect lesson for future players: It’s great to orchestrate a mastermind game of playing in the middle and manipulating both sides against each other, but eventually you need to pick a side. Mitch didn’t pick a side until he realized that Raul couldn’t save him late in the week. Everyone was onto his game plan and figured out how dangerous he truly was. It was just too late for him to do anything.

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Episode Ratings:

HOH/Nominations – 8/10
Power of Veto– 7/10
Eviction – 10/10

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