TV Review: Big Brother Canada 4 (Round #4 & 5)

Be prepared, Big Brother Canada fans! It’s a double dose of drama, blindsides and competitions for this week in the house. That’s right! It’s a double eviction week where TWO houseguests will be leaving the game in one night. However, as Arisa Cox pointed out before the festivities unfold, there will be another wildcard twist thrown into the mix.

Big Brother Canada 4 Tim & Joel

No one is leaving the house … just yet. The two evicted houseguests will be sent packing, but they won’t be going too far. Hiding away in a secret room, they’ll be watching and biding their time before the axe is dropped and the twist is revealed. It’s moments like these where the game can dramatically change the course of the season and affect how the players can adapt to change. Especially when two heated foes are placed inside the same room. Can we say, “Drama!”

Here’s a look of what went down in the Big Brother Canada 4 house during Round number four and Round number five:

Round 4

  • After the VERY close house split during Christine’s eviction, Cassandra wonders who turned against her and flipped their vote. She and Joel suspect it was Tim! They confront him and he admits to voting the other way knowing full well Cassandra was going to stay. He makes a good excuse, but everyone is now a little weary of him and don’t know whether to fully trust him.
  • During the “Locked Lips” Head of Household (HOH) competition, the houseguests are paired together to carry a number of balls across a path into a marked area. They must use their lips to carry the balls over the course! The first team to move all their balls will win HOH, with only one member of them pair getting the power. The teams struggle at first, with Nikki/Philippe failing miserably, but a few standouts move ahead of the pack, like Maddy/Tim, Jared/Dallas and Mitch/Joel.
  • In the end, Mitch and Joel are the first to team to move all their balls, so they snag HOH for the week. However, only one will get the power. Joel wins HOH after a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors!
  • The house is divided over what Joel will do with his HOH reign. He’s played the middle for most of the season and with two powerful alliances against each other (Jared/Kelsey/Raul vs. Dallas/Maddy/Ramsey), the house is itching for blood to strike one side of the house.
  • During the Head of Household competition “Big Brother Roast,” the houseguests had to guess which insult submitted by the public was attributed to which houseguest. If they buzzed in and got it correct, they could eliminate someone from the challenge. But if they’re wrong, they’re knocked out. Kelsey moved into an early lead eliminating her enemies like Maddy, Sharry and Ramsey, but she messes up and is out. In the end, Jared and Joel are left remaining at the final competition. Jared buzzes in first and is correct – he is the second HOH of the season.
  • The Have/Have-Not competition is all about baseball. The house is split into two teams and must hit a large baseball over a large hedge to score runs. The team to get the most runs after five innings will be Haves for the week. The Red team – The Red Rockets – dominate the competition and easily secure victory for the week, choosing to save Cassandra and Mitch from being Have-Nots. This means that Tim, Jared, Kelsey and Raul are Have-Nots.
  • Tensions are running high between the two opposing alliances and a small argument breaks out between Dallas and the other side over a “backdoor” comment. Dallas tries to convince Joel to nominate the other side, but he’s unsure. He chats with Loveita and Mitch to clear his head and figure out what to do.
  • Joel nominates Raul and Kelsey for eviction, surprising their side of the house and feeling betrayed. Kelsey is devastated while Jared thinks Loveita manipulated Joel into being her puppet and making her choices. Joel stands up to Jared and admits that it was his decision – not Loveita’s – that placed Kelsey/Raul on the block.
  • The “Ace in the Hole” Power of Veto (POV) competition saw houseguests jump on a saddle and pull themselves into a desert-themed set to find playing cards. The houseguest who creates the best poker hand will win safety for the week and the POV.
  • The houseguests struggle to pull the rope and find a good hand, especially Kelsey. Jared finds the “Wildcard” and has the option to select any card in exchange for giving up the chance to compete in next week’s HOH. He chooses not to play the card and continues searching. In the end, Dallas wins the POV with a four of kind (Sixes with one Wildcard) – if Jared had played his Wildcard, he would have won POV.
  • The other prize and punishments of the round includes Dallas dressing up as a human cactus costume, Raul lassoing a bull 1000 times and Kelsey winning a $1,000.
  • The idea of targeting a bigger threat (Jared) or putting up a pawn (Tim) comes up in discussion many times, but Dallas chooses not to use the POV.
  • The house is split over what to do with the vote. Mitch wants to keep Raul to better his game and potentially work with Jared’s side when Kelsey is gone, the brothers want to work with Jared regardless, Cassandra wants to keep Kelsey to keep the women around and some think Kelsey will keep the target on her back instead of them.
  • Kelsey is evicted by a vote of 8-2, taking Maddy’s favourite rubber duck out of the house with her as revenge.

Big Brother Canada Round 5 Nominations

Round 5

  • A little before Kelsey’s eviction, Arisa reveals it’s going to be a Double Eviction. An entire week of Big Brother Canada will be held in under an hour with another person being sent packing.
  • The second HOH competition of the night, “Heads Up,” is a familiar one for fans. Houseguests will go head-to-head to answer a question based on the past competitions of the season, with the answers being HOH, POV or Have/Have-Not. If they’re right they choose two people to compete next but if they’re wrong, they’re out.
  • After a quick elimination of Jared’s alliance, Maddy secures HOH for the round!
  • She only has a few minutes to figure out her nominations and (expectedly) nominates Jared and Raul for eviction. However, it doesn’t look to be a simple round. Raul and Jared are upset with Maddy, but she’s telling them that they’re not her targets – it’s Loveita. She wants her out and Loveita can sense that a backdoor is coming.
  • “Slow Roller” is the second POV competition. Players will wear tied-up roller skates and must carry a ladle of punch to a large straw. The first player to fill up their straw, retrieve the ball inside and press the buzzer will win the POV.
  • After a few slips, scraps and endless falls, Nick is the first to retrieve his ball and presses the buzzer. He wins POV!
  • Joel and Dallas want to target Jared and evict him from the game, but Maddy has a vendetta against Loveita. She wants her gone! Nick decides to use the POV and removes Jared from the block, leaving Maddy to get what she wants. She nominates Loveita as the replacement.
  • Loveita is evicted by a vote of 7-2.
  • After leaving the house, Arisa tells Kelsey and Loveita that they’re not leaving the game just yet. They will be placed in a secret bedroom within the house and get the opportunity to spy on their former competitors. They may even get the power to control an aspect inside the game! At the end of the week, one of them will be returning to the house.

Big Brother Canada 4 Loveita and Kelsey

Big Brother Canada 4 is an interesting season, to say the least. At the end of Round number five, five women have already been evicted back-to-back for various reasons. And yet surprisingly, it is mostly the women themselves who are doing the targeting!

Kelsey was part of a tight-knit group, which included her showmance partner. The other side of the house needed to get out a target and they went with the easier option that would deal the most damage. Loveita’s eviction, on the other hand, is mostly personal. Maddy had an agenda against Loveita and took the opportunity to get out a person who played too-hard-too-fast and gossiped too much. Will this move bite her in the butt? Time will tell but if history has proven anything, it will!

She sacrificed an eviction round to get out a personal target instead of evicting a bigger threat from an opposing alliance. Her side of the house still didn’t have the majority numbers (Maddy/Dallas/Ramsey vs. Raul/Jared with the others in the middle) and she wasted the eviction on someone who more closely aligned with her. It’s an amateur move, Maddy – so amateur.

What do you think will happen next in Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.

Episode Ratings:

HOH/Nominations – 7/10
Power of Veto– 7/10
Eviction/HOH/Nominations/Second Eviction – 10/10

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