TV Review: Big Brother Canada 4 (Round #10 & 11)

The season is nearing its end. With only seven players left standing and a few days remaining in the game, the houseguests can practically smell the prize money. Anything can happen in the last couple of weeks and determining who you want in the jury house can change everything when it comes time to making a case to win. Keeping around the wrong person can be a HUGE mistake – just ask most of the second place finishers! But before they can even stand at the final spot, they need to survive a few more evictions.

BBCAN4 Nikki Joel Wedding

It’s a Double Eviction Week in the Big Brother Canada 4 house. That means double the trouble, double the competitions and double the exits. At the end of the night, only five houseguests will remain still competing for the prize. In the past, this iconic twist has seen the game shift with the balance of power changing back and forth. It’s a devastating way to go and one that is unexpected. Though, it does mean plenty of drama for the viewers!

Here’s a look of what went down in the Big Brother Canada 4 house during Round #10 and Round #11:

Round 10

  • Picking up after Maddy’s eviction, Cassandra reveals that hours before she found out that the brothers were going after Tim, not Maddy. The brothers had tried to get out the threat but the votes turned against them at that point and they were mad it couldn’t be changed
  • The houseguests are emotional after finding out their loved ones will be competing in the HOH competition. The loved ones will need to count rocks falling from the sky into the “lava pit” below. The person who buzzes in closest to a 1,000 rocks in the pit will win HOH
  • As the rocks continue to fall fast, they’re offered a few prize/punishments. The loved ones choose to get blasted by slop instead of forcing the houseguests to be on slop for the week. They also choose to get blasted by cold water instead of forcing the house to shower with it
  • In the end, Cassandra wins HOH since her father was the closest to buzz in to the number
  • Jared, Tim and Cassandra discuss who should be placed on the block for the week – they think the brothers should be the one while Cassandra thinks Jared is a better option. She already knows that she’s placing Nikki up as a pawn
  • Big Brother offers the houseguests another task: If Joel and Nikki “get married” then the Have-Not room (and subsequent challenges) will be over for the rest of the season. They agree to take the challenge and Marsha the Moose serves as priest for the ceremony. Since they’ve completed the task, it means there will be no more Have-Not competitions for the season
  • The brothers throw Jared under the bus and inform Cassandra that he/Kelsey were going to nominate her and Tim if they had won HOH. She confronts the couple and brings up the idea of maybe putting him on the block. Though, this is partly a ruse – Jared, Kelsey and the brothers are still working closely together
  • Cassandra nominate Nikki and Nick/Phil for eviction
  • After the nomination ceremony, the brothers openly call out that they want two Canadians in the final two, causing Tim and Nikki to feel hurt. They considered themselves part of the group and to hear this hurts their feelings. Phil calls Tim out about his strategy of taking the “weak” players to end, but Tim is having none of it. He is mad that Phil would consider anybody weaker than him in any regard
  • Cassandra, Phil/Nick, Nikki, Kelsey, Jared and Joel compete in the Power of Veto (POV) competition, called “The Price of POV.” Sarah, the winner of Big Brother Canada 3, is hosting and explains that each houseguest is given 100 chips. Sarah will be making nine offers and each houseguest will have to pay chips to buy the offers which are worth points. The person who spends the most chips on that offer will get the points. The person with the most points after nine offers wins the POV
  • Phil/Nick win the POV for the week with the most points. But some of the prizes and punishments handed out include: Cassandra gets a strategy session with Sarah, Nick/Phil can’t compete in next week’s POV, Joel has to be on slop for the rest of the game, and Nick/Phil get their hair buzzed off. Jared points out that if he accepted the hair cut, he could’ve won the POV
  • A kangaroo enters the house to mark the start of an Australian/UK celebration party. There’s also a box of British bulldogs where the cast is fawning over. The houseguests let off some steam and enjoy the alcohol celebrations
  • The debate over the replacement nominee heats up after a prank with a wine bottle. Jared makes his case for Tim to go up on the block, but Cassandra is torn about maybe putting him up instead. In the end, she names Jared as the replacement
  • Joel feels he’s the deciding vote for the eviction. Jared/Kelsey/Phil/Nick come to him about turning against Cassandra to vote Nikki out, but he doesn’t know what to do and he has a bit of a breakdown. The others come to give him comfort as they know he’s having a rough time
  • Jared is evicted by a vote of 3-1


Round 11

  • Arisa reveals that this week will be a double eviction and another player will be walking out of the house as well. The houseguests are worried about what to do next
  • The second HOH competition of the night is “Bowled Over.” Each houseguest will roll a ball up a ramp to knock down five bowling pins. The first player to knock down all five first will win HOH. It’s barely a close race as Nick/Phil easily secure HOH
  • With only a minute minutes to decide, the brothers nominate Tim and Nikki for eviction
  • During the break, Cassandra makes a deal with the brothers that if she were to win the POV, she would not use it in exchange for not being placed on the block. The brothers accept her done and it looks to be a new strong agreement
  • The next POV competition is called, “Name That Speech.” Nick/Phil won’t be competing since they took a punishment in the last round that removes them from the competition. The houseguests must answer questions regarding past speeches made by the recent evicted players. If they get a question wrong, they’re eliminated while the last player standing wins
  • The competition comes down to Cassandra vs. Tim. But after a final question, Cassandra wins the POV
  • The brothers beg her not to use the POV and stick to their agreement, but she uses it to save Tim. The brothers, clearly frustrated, offer to be placed on the block to be evicted, but as an HOH rule, they CAN’T go up on the block. They decide to name Joel as the replacement against Nikki
  • The decision was all but set in stone: Nikki is evicted by a vote of 3-0

BBCAN4 Nikki Shocked

Two different players with two very different strategies. Jared and Nikki played the game on opposite sides of the spectrum. Jared focused more on challenge wins and the occasional relationship while Nikki was there to have a good time and occasionally joined in on strategic chats. Both had their positives for making it far in the season, but ultimately they’re now evicted and heading to the jury house. However, one had a better shot at winning than the other.

Nikki, while highly entertaining, barely had any chance. Her social game provided hours of fun to the house and an endless supply of footage for live feedsters and viewers. But it didn’t equate to jury votes! Nikki wasn’t really standing out and playing the game – she merely floated along with the tide. The Big Brother game may have been a tad too much for her, and such a departure from her original Big Brother style, that she didn’t know how to play this version.

Jared, on the other hand, could have dominated the votes if he had made it to the end. He won challenges and built relationships with the jury members for the most part. It proved to be successful as many in the house viewed him as a big threat. However, both Jared and Nikki each had strengths that the other needed: Jared’s athletic ability and Nikki’s social game. To truly win the game, a person needs to master both and unfortunately, neither had fully accomplished this task.

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Episode Ratings:

HOH/Nominations – 8/10
Power of Veto– 8/10
Double Eviction – 10/10

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