TV Review: Big Brother Canada 4 (Round #1)

The Big Brother game has just begun! The doors to the Big Brother Canada 4 house are open and a new season of houseguests, catfights, backstabs and challenges are now upon us. It’s the start to the fourth season and already the houseguests are dealing with a whirlwind of new twists and surprises. With three months of gameplay to come, the first round sets the tone for how things could potentially run its course.

Big Brother Canada 4 House

Already the season has started with blindsides and twists that could prove a problem. Viewers and fans were already aware of the global houseguests twist that could affect the game and create more competition. But as Arisa Cox, the host of Big Brother Canada, teased to viewers, there were a lot more surprises to come. The first round isn’t going to be a quiet one.

Here’s a quick overview of what went down in the Big Brother Canada 4 house during Round #1:

  • The first 14 houseguests are introduced to the viewing public and we get a bit of background on the players we’ll soon be rooting for (or hating!). There’s the Youtube star Mitchell, the spoiled princess Cassandra, the lovable dork Joel, flight attendant/bartender Kelsey and a group of other big personalities who spill details about how they’ll play the game. They’re brought into the house, shocked at the casino-themed layout and begin sizing each other up.
  • Arisa Cox reveals the first big twist of the season – one that not even the media and public knew about! Philippe, one of the current houseguests, will soon be joined by his brother Nick to compete the game as a pair instead of as a single player. Both will alternate competing in challenges, they’ll get nominated together, saved together and ultimately voted out together. If they make it to the end, they’ll split the prize! Everyone is surprised when Nick enters the house and once Arisa reveals the news, Nick and Phil can barely hide their shock – their targets just got A LOT bigger.
  • In the first Head of Household (HOH) competition of the season, the houseguests will have to stand on platforms while holding onto a rope. If they’re the last one standing, they’ll win safety for the week. Before the competition starts, the houseguests vote for which player they think will be knocked out first and which will win the first HOH. The group votes Joel as the first one to be out – if he can survive long enough to not be the first out, he’ll get safety for the week. On the other hand, Phil/Nick were voted most likely to win and if they DON’T win, they’ll be placed in isolation for 24 hours. It’s a potential punishment that could ruin their game!
  • As the challenge goes underway, Cassandra is already tired and frustrated from standing on the platform. She drops off first, which means Joel is safe for the week. The houseguests drop one after the other until Loveita and Jared are left standing; he drops off in exchange for safety and Loveita is crowned the first HOH of the season.
  • Nominations look to be a straightforward, but Loveita has other ideas. She nominates Kelsey and wallflower Paige for eviction – Paige is upset but she understands that she’s the pawn. Kelsey, on the other hand, feels betrayed by Loveita and knows that she’s the target. She’s willing to use her flirtatious nature to win over some of the guys to keep her around.
  • During the Power of Veto (POV) competition, Nick/Phil win the first POV and have the chance to save someone from the block. They choose to keep nominations the same and let the house determine the vote. Loveita makes it known that she wants Kelsey gone and the vote looks to be lining up accordingly. But in the Big Brother house, anything can happen.
  • The house has flipped and the votes break right down the middle. Paige is evicted from the house by a vote of 7-4!
  • Rounding out the week are the results of the global wildcard vote. For the last week, Canadians (and the world) have been voting for which two international Big Brother players will join the Big Brother Canada house. In the end, Australian party animal Tim and U.K. drama queen Nikki were voted to compete and will play for the rest of the season, gaining safety for their first week in the house.

BBCAN4 PaigeUsually a Big Brother season starts off calm and collected with the familiar pleasantries; it’s typically an easy vote. These players didn’t just sit and let the game play around them. Kelsey wanted to stay and she did anything she could to stick around! Paige was overwhelmed by the game and relied too much on others. She didn’t really campaign, make alliances or stop the Kelsey train in her tracks – the house turned the tide and a pawn was sent out the door. From the look on her face, she was hurt to know that she was betrayed.

It’s the perfect reality check for these new houseguests. The votes won’t be easy; they’ll be unpredictable and will take work to stay in the house. Paige was the first casualty, but her sacrifice could potentially create the spark for an amazing and strategic season. Reality TV fans can only hope!

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Episode Ratings:

Launch/HOH – 7/10
Nomination/Power of Veto/Eviction – 10/10

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