TV Review: Big Brother 18 (Round #7)

What goes around must always come back around; it’s just the way of reality TV life. Karma is the BFF of the Big Brother house–one minute you can be sitting on top, holding all the power and the authority to control the game. But then the next week starts and EVERYTHING can change. This is exactly what happened this week on Big Brother 18.

Big Brother 18 Victor Coery Michelle Natalie Veto Meeting

The balance of power has struck again! Think of the ever-shifting season of Big Brother 6 or the week Jeff AND Daniele got evicted back-to-back during the double eviction on Big Brother 13. It only takes one challenge to potentially change someone’s future during the summer. This is what makes Big Brother so intense and nerve-wracking! Regardless of the numbers…or the challenge wins…or even the twists, one bad week can end someone’s game. Even if they had a feeling it was going to happen eventually.

Frank’s eviction last week took a lot of planning and power to accomplish the goal. He was a challenge threat and posed himself as one of the power players of the season. There was special attention to get him out, similar to how the house plotted for Tiffany to get the boot as well. Though, her situation was completely different (i.e. saved one week then evicted the next). With these two gone, a new target needed to be formed and Mama Day had no place to run. The house shifted and whatever alliances or power Da’Vonne held in the beginning was no longer there to protect to her.

Let’s talk about Da’Vonne for a second. She returned to the game after a poor (yet memorable) performance in her original season–she was evicted second in Big Brother 17. While she learned this year to not be as confrontational to the other players like how she was in her original season, Mama Day is still the same person. She’s sarcastic, fearless and likes to tell it like it is, regardless if the others wanted to hear it or not. She thought she was controlling the game and could move oceans to get whatever she wanted. While the first few weeks saw her enemies get the boot one by one, she wasn’t the one who made it happen.

Near the end of her tenure in the house, the others were making the decisions around her and she had to go with the flow. While most of the players this season are sticking to the floater strategy, Da’Vonne stood out as a big threat–not as a competition threat (she was terrible!), but because she was aware of the people around her. She could see how certain people were playing and she had no trouble calling them out if they got in her way. Da’Vonne was dangerous and if it had not been for a few lucky breaks in the early half of the season, she could’ve been evicted earlier on.

Big Brother 18 Da'Vonne Evicted

While Mama Day is now heading to the jury house, the remaining houseguests are still “playing” the game. I use this word loosely because, in reality, not many of the houseguests who are currently in the house are really trying to win (or even have a chance, regardless). The cast has become a motley crew of sleepers or lovesick puppies:

  • Natalie, James, Nicole, Corey and Zakiyah (who is “dating” Paulie) are more focused on their showmances. Based on these pairings, I highly doubt that any of these couples last into the New Year. Nicole, who swore that she wouldn’t fall into the showmance trap, has dived back in again. And Zakiyah is letting her showmance partner Paulie treat her terribly just because they’re together and she has feelings for him–that’s a dangerous thought for her chances to win.
  • Bridgette is more content with being friends with everyone than stabbing them in the back. Jordan from Big Brother 11 won her season by being nice and more likeable than her finale counterpart, but that won’t work for Bridgette. She won’t win the game unless she does something to stand out.
  • Michelle is coasting through the game. She’s a floater and everyone basically knows it; she’ll constantly be put up on the block until the group decides it’s her time to go home.
  • Victor is one of the only physical threats left, but I don’t think he’ll actually make a move yet. All of his talk and bravado has gone to waste for the most part.
  • Paulie and Paul have the best chance to win the game at this point. They’re controlling the house and are, arguably, the biggest competition threats left. Nobody is stopping them and unless the others stand up to them, they will stroll to the end.

The downside in the Frank vs. Da’Vonne war is now the aftermath. Both have fallen victim to the game and have been evicted, essentially taking each other out. Whenever the biggest and strongest voices go after each other, those who are left after the dust settles are usually the floaters or the weaker players. Anything could happen to change the game (this is Big Brother, after all). But unless these lazy and tired houseguests actually stand up to play, the season will continue to roll along uneventfully with someone from the PP alliance (i.e. Paulie or Paul) winning the game.


Nominations: 6/10
Power of Veto: 8/10
Eviction: 6/10

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