TV Review: Awkward. “Second Chances” and “Happy Campers, Happier Trails”



“Second Chances”

Despite an awkward start, Jenna and the Dean of SCU get along famously, bonding over how James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake is pretentious. The Dean explains that all she has to do to change schools in the fall is turn in an application–he’ll take care of the rest. Yeah, that sounds real. Luke is walking on sunshine with the news, but Jenna becomes homesick for her life in Maine. Luke, of course, is annoyed at the thought that Jenna won’t be fulfilled by what he wants for her. I’m annoyed that Luke seems to think that his opinion means more than Jenna’s. When Jenna gives the news to her parents, Lacey points out that Jenna following Luke to college is the same thing as Matty following her. Jenna doesn’t take this well.

“I don’t come from a rich family, I’m only upper middle class,” Tamara admits, finally coming clean to Patrick. Being a decent human being, he doesn’t care. In fact, he wants to take her to Catalina this weekend for a romantic getaway. Womp, she has to work. He asks her to go away for winter break, which elicits the same response. Patrick then wants to pay her debt so she can start fresh.

Thrilled with their Atonercize video efforts, Lissa and Jake decide to create many more videos. They’re caught by Jake’s boss, who proceeds to promote Jake and give him a raise. Jake reminds him of himself at that age–twenty years ago, when he started at the club right out of high school. This is not comforting to Jake.

Lacey is furious with Matty for getting her an F on their presentation by sleeping through it. He explains that he heeded her advice and broke up with Sully, but it’s too little, too late. Matty goes to Sadie to ask her for a favor, and is greeted by a hung over Ally. “It’s morning. She likes to watch people buy crappy jewelry while she fights the shakes,” Sadie says in a matter-of-fact tone.

When Matty chastises Sadie for leaving mean comments on Lissa’s videos, Sadie explains that she’s still seeking vengeance on Sergio and Tamara as well. Matty doesn’t approve of her tearing her friends down, but she’s inspired. “Oh my god, that’s genius! I’m going to invent Yelp but for actual people, you’re welcome!” she says. Somehow, they manage to focus enough to pull off Matty’s plan. He arrives at their German class with Sadie and a German food truck in tow, which at least inspires the professor to give him and Lacey a make-up presentation. Lacey forgives Matty and suggests that he go tell Jenna about his feelings for her, before she transfers schools. He texts her, but she submits her SCU application. At the end of the episode, Matty bitches on Sadie for her bad behavior toward her friends. She then gets into a horrific truck accident while trying to compose a message that tears apart all of her friends at once.

Episode Rating: 6/10.

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