TV Review: Awkward. (5×18) “Digging Deep”

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This episode picks up exactly where last week’s left off, with the gang holding a postmortem on their illegal 4th of July party over breakfast. Jenna feels bad about Jake, but the first thing she brings up in her voiceover is how happy she is about her new friendship with Matty. Sully drinks from her flask to help her hangover, giving Jenna her brilliant idea: throw Jake a surprise rager! They’re under the impression that Jake is angry with them for having a party and not inviting him. I think Jake is angry at them because they got him fired, but party on.

Over at Idea Bin, Lizzy announces that they’ll be asking one employee to write an ebook for them. Jenna, worried about her future at Idea Bin, decides that she has to dig deep for her next story. She decides to tackle her relationship with Matty in a piece entitled, “From Lovers to Friends, from Lovers to Friends, For Real This Time.” Eyeroll, eyeroll so hard.

When Jake arrives at his surprise rager, he proves me wrong by saying, “If you think a shit ton of beer and a cake is going to make up for this…you were right!” While he enjoys himself, Tamara reconnects with country club member Patrick, whose friends brought him to the party. She ends up lying about wanting to move to the High Line, but also gets a date with Patrick.

Ally freaks out when she discovers that Jake was fired. To get her favorite bartender/cabana boy back, she gets his manager to rehire him with a 10% raise. Jake is excited, but Lissa is disappointed in him for taking the job back. She breaks up with him because it’s clear they don’t want the same things out of life–she wants to be married to a club member, not a club manager. Ouch.

Sadie is excited to hook up with Sergio again, though the introduction of new tricks to their make out session causes some jealousy problems. After they brag about their conquests and agree to move past their jealousy issues, Sadie has one last comment to make. “All those girls sound super trashy by the way–I only hooked up with rich guys who had last names as first names,” she says smugly. Oh, Sadie.

Jenna finds out she’s getting front page placement for her piece…but also discovers the rather insulting tweak they’ve made to the headline: “Your Nerdy High School Boyfriend is a Loser…Dump Him Already!” Yikes. Luke convinces her not to get it changed; it’s all in the name of clickbait and Matty won’t even see it anyway, right? Wrong. Matty doesn’t read Idea Bin pages, but his friends sure do–he gets a ton of texts and notifications about the article. He’s upset that she is airing details about Matty’s private life and disguising it as journalism. When Jenna tearfully explains that she was worried about her job, Matty doesn’t have too much sympathy. Good, since this was a heinously selfish thing to do in order to get ahead in an internship. “I was destroyed and really fucking depressed. I thought about dropping out of school,” he explains, making her understand exactly how bad this is. He doesn’t think they can be friends, as it’s clear she hasn’t changed at all. Matty: run like the wind and don’t look back.

As frustrating as I constantly find Jenna, this proved to be another good episode. Keeping the cast of characters together truly helps the storylines, even recycled ones dealing with how Matty and Jenna can’t be friends. I truly hope that the writers can redeem Jenna a bit before the end of this series–currently, we’re looking at a girl who changed for the worse two seasons ago and hasn’t really developed too much in either direction since then.

Episode Rating: 8/10.

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