TV Review: Angie Tribeca Season 1


Who is Angie Tribeca?

In hopes to change up their network just like how ABC Family turned to Freeform and TV Land changed their programming, TBS/TNT have decided to follow in their footsteps. If we look back at TBS, there weren’t that many outstanding shows that stood with their name except for Conan when he moved his talkshow to the channel. But if you really look back at the shows, there’s nothing that sticks out as a “fan favorite.”

However, in the new year, the TBS rebranding is already taking on a different format from what we’ve seen before. We all know Netflix provides a whole season for viewing in one sitting. Well, the new dramedy Angie Tribeca took on the same feat with a 25 hour marathon on TBS aka #TribecaBinge starting Sunday night until Monday 10 p.m. which was also available online. The episodes will then air at the regular programming schedule we’re all used to with one episode per week. It’s an unconventional way to see a show but definitely one way to get people talking.

Angie Tribeca is a half-hour comedy produced by Steve and Nancy Carell starring Rashida Jones as the lone wolf detective, Angie Tribeca. Other key players are Hayes MacArthur who plays Tribeca’s partner Jay Geils, who also happens to be not-so-secretly in love with her, Jere Burns who acts as Lieutenant police Chet Atkins, Andree Vermeulen aka Dr. Monica Scholls and Deon Cole who goes by DJ Tanner in the show. Yes, as you can see, even their names are absurd.

If you’re a fan of The Naked Gun series as much as I am, you are going to LOVE this show. It’s packed with full on deadpans and taking things very literally. In the first episode, we’re introduced to the show with Angie Tribeca getting ready for the day with a full on exaggerated montage of working out in the morning to packing up all the “necessary” tools she’ll need for the day (like, a bow and arrow?) She heads to work where a majority of the show takes place only to find out she now has a new partner she has to work with, Jay Geils.

In each episode, Tribeca and Gels solve some pretty unusual cases. A man with a grown baby fetish, illegal ferret trafficking and mysterious deaths on an airline called Air Jordan. I kid you not. This is the type of show that causes you to really have to keep your eyes and ears open at all costs. You are more than likely to miss something whether it be an action happening in the background or something occurring between the characters on screen. The writers managed to throw in some absolute nonsense that you just might have to rewind to catch again.

There are winning bits that will stick with you for hours and nods to multiple pop culture references —  subtle nod towards CSI: Miami during their title sequence, the use of names of members in the entertainment industry, slipping in the lyrics to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and more. The show also takes a jab on the excessivly dramatic scenes shown in many cop series and the hilarity of obvious product placement that we’ve all seen in almost any show.

Angie Tribeca was filled with completely unique storylines and well thought out scriptwriting, but I do wish we were able to see more relationships bond. Deon Cole’s character seemed to be in and out of the series and played a very similar role as he did on ABC’s Black-ish. However, with it being such an out of pocket series, I can’t really blame anyone for no real character background story.

Season two will be released by the end of this month so go ahead and catch up on these past 10 episodes.

Rating: 8/10

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