Top 10 Young Adult Heroines in the Last Decade

Top 10 in the Last 10! I’m very clever, you know.

Whether or not you’ve ever picked up a Young Adult book, much can be said for the fact that you’ve probably at least heard of a few. From book adaptations to big screens and little screens alike, this genre is basically plastering itself to your side and saying, “It’s time.”

Not convinced? Well, besides the fact that more often than not YA lit has impeccable world building, a slap of angst, a right hook of fluff, and just the right amount of a body slam full of powerful dialogue, there is of course, the heroines. These are not just any heroines, but also everyday ones. Whether they’re saving the world, trying to get through the awful school day, or falling in love (maybe all at the same time), it’s their open hearts and innermost thoughts that give us the satisfied feeling at the end of a heroic journey.

Here are the top ten heroines of YA lit in the last decade, in my humble (and book obsessed) opinion.

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  • Quintana! Katsa! Karou! Blue! Verity! Such a kickass list of brilliant ladies.