Top 10 Inspirational Speeches from Movies and TV


There’s our favorite movies, our favorite characters, our favorite scenes, our favorite one liners. Movies and TV are full of them, and they get talked about all the time. Arguments erupt, friendships end (quite possibly, some relationships too) over whether Han shot first, Connery or Craig, and what exactly does the end of Inception really mean? (For the last time, it doesn’t matter if it’s a dream or not!)

You know what never really gets talked about? The best movie and TV speeches. I have never been in a conversation that started with “hey, what’s your favorite inspirational speech from film in the past decade?” Probably because it’s not the greatest of conversation topics, but more than a simple one liner, great speeches in film and TV often are the cornerstone of the big ideas the film or show is trying to get at. Some of them can be super on point, while others are a bit more subtle. There’s great moving speeches, and short simple conversations. Regardless, they each pack a whopper of emotional weight and meaning that get at the heart of life, love, what’s right, what’s wrong, our very potential, individual and universal. Here’s a list of ten of my favorite ones.

Not all of these speeches are the “yay, hoorah! go you!” pep talks you’re probably thinking  of when you hear the word “inspirational.” Not all inspirational speeches have to leave you feeling like you’re on the top of the world. There are different levels of inspiring. And they’re all important.

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