TV Review: The Magicians 1×07 “The Mayakovsky Circumstance”

After a great episode last week I wasn’t expecting this next installment of The Magicians to get quite so bizarre. But hey, here we are. Let’s jump in to “The Mayakovsky Circumstance.”


After last week’s episode and random transformation into geese ,the first year class finds themselves in Antarctica under the temporary tutelage of Mayakovsky, a rather ornery magician living by himself in the frozen tundra. He’s not one for hand holding but seems dedicated to teaching. Also to making sure that Alice and Quentin hook up. Multiple times. Ones as foxes. Yeah, it was weird in the book too, and I’m surprised the show went there, but yeah… Alice and Quentin might be a thing now, though it’s hard to genuinely root for them since both characters are still so miserable in all the wrong ways. If nothing else, being honest about their feelings for one another seems to have freed up their magical abilities a bit, so we’ll call it a win and move on.

And then you have Penny and Kady. Both made the trip, despite Kady’s big reveal at the end of the last episode and now she finally comes clean for real, dropping her defenses in order to show Penny everything that has been going on. But their reconciliation doesn’t last for long, even though Penny was willing to do whatever it took to help Kady get out of her Marina situation. But there’s more bad news coming for Kady, who gets the news from Professor Makakovsky that not only is her mother dead, but the school is now aware of what she had been up to and wouldn’t be welcome back. Not only did she ditch Penny again (this time supposedly for his own good) but I’m bummed if she’s genuinely not going to be around anymore. I doubt that will actually be the case, but she and Margo are still my favorites, though admittedly I’d probably hate them both (and everyone else in this show) if I had to deal with them in the real world.

Speaking of Miss Margo… Back on campus, things are a little lighter for Margo and Elliot. They’re headed to Ibiza for a week of partying and debauchery, but first need to come up with a magical gift for their hosts. When attempting to conjor up some gin they somehow make a djinn instead, giving Margo a swanky genie buddy to play with. Just in time too because Elliot has a new boy toy, and unsurprisingly Margo has a bit of a jealous streak when it comes to her best friend. Hijinx ensue as they always do with these two, but there seems to be trouble ahead. Elliot’s new boyfriend is here to stay, he even ditched Margo and their trip for more Mike time. But it looks like Mike either is or is being possessed by the beast. So there’s probably not going to be much smooth sailing ahead.

  • Julia got surprisingly little time in this episode and no real plot movement. Instead we just got to know a bit more about the messed up family she comes from and the sense that she is still well and truly screwed on the magic front.

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