The Gallagher’s most “Shameless” moments


One of the many reasons Shameless can be such a hotly talked about show is its complete lack of fear in talking about any subjects. While I’m more of a fan of the Gallagher’s when they are at their best or, at the very least, trying to be their best with all of the pitfalls that come from it, you can’t deny the entertainment factor of them at their messiest. From Frank having a woman’s heart give out after sex to the whole gang cooking up a bald eagle for Thanksgiving to all of the brawls and arguments started in words and ended in punches being thrown and just about any moment including a Milkovich, there are plenty of “shameless” moments to go around.

With season six premiering this Friday, we thought we’d highlight some of the family’s (and friends) lowest moments to date.

Rest assured, we made sure to spread the wealth among the family. Otherwise every single moment on this list would belong to Frank, and the article would go on for five pages.

What were the biggest shocking moments for you? Let us know in the comments, and check out Bri and Leigh-Ann’s picks below.

Liam is put in serious danger

I think one of the biggest shameful moments on the show was Liam ingesting cocaine because Fiona carelessly left it out. I admire the fact that Fiona has been able to look after five kids on nothing more than low paying jobs and a level head (I can barely remember to feed my dog). Still, her being careless with her drugs almost caused the Gallaghers to lose their youngest brother. It’s an act that she directly caused, and it nearly ruined the rest of Liam’s life. I don’t wrong the Gallagher clan for losing most of their respect and trust for Fiona after the incident. However, this slip up just goes to show that Fiona is still only a kid.  – Leigh Ann Brodber

Mandy hits Karen with a car

The Milkoviches are all rough around the edges. Mandy proved herself to be just as brutal as her brothers when she hit Karen with her car to get her away from Lip. As a result, Karen suffers brain damage and can’t form new memories. At least we all learned not to get on Mandy’s bad side? – Bri Lockhart

Kevin and Veronica find an alternative to artificial insemination

When Veronica and Kevin failed to get pregnant in the third season, they asked Veronica’s mother, Carol, to be a surrogate for them. Since this is Shameless, when their version of artificial insemination doesn’t take, they opt for Kevin and Carol to have sex. Carol proceeds to lie about when she actually got pregnant, wanting to continue their rendezvous as a way to stay closer to her daughter. It’s pretty awkward to know that your husband and mother are having sex–it’s worse to find out that your mother lied so she could keep doing so. Yikes. – Bri Lockhart

Lip hooks up with his professor

That’s not the twisted part, that’s merely one of the most overdone, cliched plot devices in television involving teenagers. Is it weird that the professor’s husband is totally fine with his wife sleeping with one of her students? Nah, open relationships exist–even if maybe the age gap is an issue. It gets awkward when you find out that Professor Runyon’s husband wants to watch them have sex as part of the arrangement, something that proves to be too much for Lip. – Bri Lockhart

Debbie rapes her boyfriend

When Debbie wants to take things to the next level with her 20-year-old boyfriend Matty, he hesitates–there’s just too much of an age difference between them. I would respect the boy if he would refuse to date Debbie in the first place, but here we are. When Matty gets beyond blackout wasted at Debbie’s party, Debbie takes advantage of the situation and has sex with him while he’s basically unconscious. Really, Shameless? – Bri Lockhart

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