The future is bleak in the latest trailer for The 100

Despite some infrequent highlights there was much to be disappointed about in season three of The 100. Finding themselves (deservedly) under fire after contributing to the “Bury Your Gays” trope which soon coincided with the death one of the main POC characters, the show runners were more consistently turning away fans than bringing in new ones. With one of the best casts on The CW, some solid representation including a bisexual leading lady and a genuine strength in portraying its science fiction roots, here’s hoping that season four can turn the tide.

If you missed the first, full length trailer a few weeks ago, this abridged version will help catch you up to speed as it seems that after Clarke’s choice in the season three finale, the world on the edge of ending for good hasn’t gotten a more optimistic outcome. Instead, it seems that things have grown increasingly bleak as characters are forced into further desperate situations to keep themselves and their people around them alive. Teasing us with the “who will survive” log line, we’ll have plenty of time to wonder just which favorite won’t make it to the end of the season (as always I’m worried for Raven’s health) and while there are some characters I wouldn’t mind saying good riddance to (coughJaspercough) it’s also gotten to the point where I’d be perfectly fine if none of the original 100 died since they’ve already endured so much.

Who do you think isn’t going to make it to the end of season four? Who are you desperately crossing your fingers is safe?

Check out the trailer below.


The 100 Season 4 premieres Wednesday February 1st on The CW.

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