The 10 best episodes of Shameless…So far

“Pilot” (1×1)

Shameless US

I can’t think of another series that crash landed into our lives as assuredly and as messily as the one ruled by the Gallagher clan. By the end of the first hour, not only were viewers hooked but already felt as if they’d known Fiona, Lip, Frank et all for years. Developing a rich and lived in world, as lived in as their old but well loved house, the show wasted no time in setting up high stakes for the characters, relationships we’d come to care about and personal character arcs that would be the driving force of the season to follow. Drunken debauchery has never been as equally entertaining and painful to watch with a show that wants us to never know whether we should be laughing or crying. There was no way not to watch after the first introduction. -Allyson

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