“Teen Wolf”: 5 Things That Need to Happen in Season Five



Mark your calendars Teen Wolf fans, because the show is back for it’s fifth season Monday, June 29th and it’s about to get crazy. I’m not about to give out any hints, but I can assure you there are some moments in the season premiere that will have you greatly anticipating the next episode.

Lucky for you, episode two will be airing the following Tuesday, June 30th.

Teen Wolf isn’t what people would call “high brow” television, and hey, that’s fine. What it lacks in polish it makes up for (on its better days) with sheer enthusiasm. This is a show that loves its genre and (again, on its better days) isn’t afraid to have fun with it. It’s my breather of a television show. One that’s a little mindless sometimes, oftentimes campy, but enjoyable enough to end a day on. It has some legitimately talented actors (Dylan O’Brien and Crystal Reed, who played the beloved Allison), and when it’s all pulled together the storylines can cause real anticipation for what’s next.

But then there are the episodes where it’s clear it wasn’t one of their better days, when showrunner Jeff Davis looked at all of his influences, went “I can do that” and swung and missed so that all that’s left is a show that’s taking itself way too seriously. Season four had promising moments but all together leaned to the dull side of things. So, in preparation for season five, here are five steps the show should take to reclaim some of its old success.

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