Reading “The V Girl” – in GIFs

Only a couple of days after the tour, I had to post my reaction to Mya Robarts’ book “The V Girl”. The novel follows the efforts of a young girl living in a military-ruled nation as she tries desperately to lose her virginity to someone she loves before the soldiers can forcibly take it away from her. Writing a review couldn’t fully justify how disappointed I was in this novel. This is how I felt when reading the book:

Reading the first few pages of the novel


Reaching Chapter four and realizing that this book might just be glorifying Stockholm’s Syndrome

raised brows

Deciding that I’ve already reached the middle and it’s too late to give up now


Thinking that at least the love scenes are well-written

blushing girl

Finally, when the book ends

Never Again

I think that this pretty much sums up my thoughts about the novel. Still, don’t let my reactions stop you from reading it. It might not have been my cup of tea but maybe it’s yours.

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