Read of the Week: ‘Tonight the Streets Are Ours’ by Leila Sales


Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales.

I’m no stranger to Sales’ work, as in the past I reviewed This Song Will Save Your Life, which had mention of The Cure’s “Elise” so you know I had to have loved it.

While the latest release from Leila centers family and the different extents of love more than anything, there was only vague mention of music (yes, despite the title of the book) and did a fantastic job of standing on it’s own as a new piece of work.

I have to say that Tonight the Streets Are Ours is a lot more unexpected, and in one heck of a wonderful way. It focuses more on self-love and the main character’s very different relationships with the people around her, including family, friends, and significant others. The novel really went to show that a love story isn’t only that of one person and the other individual they choose to pursue romantically, but that of all the various sorts of love that exist.

What mostly stood out was the differentiating point of views and the narrators capability to fool the readers into believing something they only want to be true in their mind. While this may have only been valid in the case of one narrator, it all unfolded in a The Good Guy-esque style and was the peak of entertainment.

As diversity is at the height of literary conversation today, I feel the need to mention that Sales’ use of diverse characters was rather impressive and fairly honest. There was a lot of original personas, and everyone was shown in a respectful and believable manor.

Leila Sales’ Tonight the Streets Are Ours is a triple whammy, packed with unique characters, love (that isn’t all romantic), and a portrayal of what it’s really like to be a teen in the twenty-first century.

Rating: 8/10

Steph is 20 years old, born and raised in Miami, Florida. An avid reader and aspiring author, she oftentimes wishes she were a fictional character. The rest of her free time is divided between watching bad foreign films and partaking in Disney trivia. She can be contacted via Twitter (@Stephest21) or email :