Book Review: ‘P.S. I Still Love You’ by Jenny Han

PS I Still Love You review

P.S. I Still Love You | Jenny Han | To All The Boys… #2 | Pub Date: May 26, 2015

First, I just want to say that I LOVE Kitty, Lara Jean’s feisty, smart, and funny little sister. LOVE HER. She makes me wish I had a little sister who would take advantage of my kindness, give me a kick in the ass to do the things I might be too afraid to do, and binge-watch The Sopranos with me.

I almost want to say that Kitty and Lara Jean’s relationships with her sisters are the sole reasons to read P.S. I Still Love You, but we can’t completely disregard one Peter Kavinsky, who took our hearts and us by surprise in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

To All The Boys… left us on a huge cliffhanger. Lara Jean discovered she has real feelings for Peter and begins to write him one of her signature love letters. P.S. I Still Love You picks up right where Lara Jean ended. We read the love letter, and eventually Peter does to, in Lara Jean’s effort to win him back. Together, Lara Jean has to learn how to navigate her first real romantic relationship and deal with everything that comes with it, including jealous ex-girlfriends, sex, and internet scandals. It’s a rocky road for these two lovebirds and gets bumpier when Lara Jean receives a letter from the one boy who has yet to respond to her former love letters.

At any age, relationships are complicated. They may be less or more complicated depending on your age (or really, your maturity level), but they’re never easy. It’s something that LJ and Peter realize right away. We’re with Lara Jean as she hits those bumps in the road and tries to handle those confusing and conflicting emotions, as she comes to terms with what it means to MEAN something to another person. It’s definitely an emotional journey for everyone, including the reader.

ps i still love you bookThat’s not to say that P.S. I Still Love You is jam-packed with melodrama. It’s not. In fact, if it’s packed with anything, it’s absolutely charm. And it’s funny, like hilarious. I don’t think I went a chapter without laughing or at least cracking a smile. Lara Jean goes through some tough stuff, but it’s still not all doom and gloom. Kitty is always there to lighten the mood, and sometimes even Lara Jean or Peter do something to earn a chuckle.

As I mentioned, family plays a big part of this story. Lara Jean isn’t just worried about her new romances, but her family. With Kitty’s help, she works to get their dad back in the dating game, and she worries about Margot, now that her relationship with ex-boyfriend seems truly over. Her conversations with her family and just seeing how much they are a part of her life add a much-needed layer to Lara Jean and her story. As much as some of the romantic moments made me swoon, I got the most pleasure from reading Lara Jean and her family’s interactions.

Jenny Han couldn’t have written a more heartfelt, funny and just absolutely wonderful second part to Lara Jean’s story. This book will have your heart bursting and stomach growling (Jenny Han really should release a companion cookbook with all of Lara Jean’s recipes). It’s the kind of sweet but deep YA book that appeals to everyone of all ages. Her new experiences will engross younger readers and make older readers reminisce about their first loves.

Rating: 9.5/10

P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han is now available wherever books are sold. Read our review of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

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