Pixar Reveals News on Latest Short ‘Riley’s First Date?’



After falling in love with Riley in Inside Out and watching her learn how to deal with all her emotions, we now get to see her cross yet another life obstacle–dating. When boys enter the picture, no one knows how to handle the situation. Riley is still trying to figure out her feelings, and the boy does not look like he has the slightest clue as to what is going on. Riley, who is now twelve in the short, already has a lot on her plate as a soon-to-be teen, but things get a little bit complicated.

The teaser to Pixar’s newest short, Riley’s First Date? brings back so many flashbacks, and some that I want to keep buried away in my brain. From Riley’s mom trying to act “cool” and her dad blowing up, it hits so close to home that I am sure a lot of us can relate. Trying to make sense of all of these changes in our lives is part of the game of life. So it is an interesting perspective, going back and forth between the point of view of Riley and her parents.



It is great to see all of the emotions back together for what I already know will be a great Pixar short. The short will be available as a bonus feature in both the digital HD & Blu-ray releases of Inside Out, which comes out digitally October 13 and on Blu-ray November 3, 2015. Check out a clip from the short below.

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