NYCC 2012: Anomaly and Brian Haberlin

At the 2012 New York Comic Con, Brian Haberlin, the co-creator, co- writer, and co-artist of Anomaly, was at the Comic Con speaking about his creation.

Anomaly is the longest, original full color graphic novel ever done. I’m the co-writer and the co-artist of it, and the idea came to me by my business partner and co-writer on it who was looking for an artist to work with. It’s basically a group of people in the future who are sent on a mission- which they think is this regular contact mission, but what they don’t know is that they’re being sent away, never to return, since no one comes back alive who goes to this planet. When they arrive on the planet, there’s this synthetic virus that destroys all their technology, leaving them to deal with the indigenous species of the planet- which are from 20 foot tall giants to flesh eating mutants to highly telekinetic nasty evil guys. So when they get there, they have to find strength within themselves, defeat the big bad guy, unify the tribes of the planet, battle genocide, and eventually try to take down the bad people on their home world. It’s like a mix between a sci-fi and The Lord of the Rings.”

Anomaly takes place in 2717 where the earth as we know it has lost everything of value to the human race, and the remaining (and those lucky enough to be) survivors live in surface cities around the earth’s orbit. Be sure to check out the website here and be sure to check your local book store for the novel. And here’s a trailer for the book, which according to Harrison Ford, “Anomaly is one of the most innovative and rousing epic adventures I’ve seen.”

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