New ABC Family Sitcom Kevin From Work Premiere Recap

KEVIN FROM WORK - ABC Family's "Kevin From Work" stars Paige Spara as Audrey, Punam Patel as Patti, Noah Reid as Kevin, Matt Murray as Brian and Jordan Hinson as Roxie. (ABC Family/Scott F. Schafer)

ABC Family

Office crushes hardly ever turn out for the best, especially when you sit right next to them.  There is a tension building up inside of you just itching to tell them. But once you do, there is no turning back. The new ABC Family comedy Kevin From Work brings you along that path as to what may happen when you are a little bit too honest.

KEVIN FROM WORK - "Pilot" - In “Pilot,” airing at 8:00 PM ET/PT, after secretly pining after her for years, Kevin declares his love for his coworker Audrey in a letter, believing he’ll never see her again after he accepts a job overseas. But Kevin is horrified when that job falls through and tries to get the letter back before Audrey can see it.  Meanwhile, Kevin’s irresponsible sister, Roxie, arrives in town and ends up as Kevin’s roommate. (ABC Family/Eric McCandless) NOAH REID, PAIGE SPARA

ABC Family

In the first episode, Kevin says bon voyage to his horrible job, his apartment, and friends, only to find out that his job in Italy is no longer happening. Looks like he jumped the gun too soon, because his best friend is in devastation and his sister already moved in. Not only had that, but his co workers had already thrown him a party that was filled with shenanigans and quite a bit of alcohol. Though he was leaving what he loved behind, nothing hurt the most than leaving his office crush, Audrey.

Cue singing birds, hair flowing in the breeze, and dramatic spotlight, because in Kevin’s mind, Audrey makes quite the entrance. Kevin would kill to be where Audrey’s boyfriend is. Even though Kevin is obviously head over heels for Audrey, it is hard to embrace that connection off the bat. Hopefully the rest of the season will build as to why Kevin likes her so much. Is it her looks? Or his idea of liking her? It is clear that some depth still needs to build, but do not worry, it is only the first episode.

But his fascinations of Audrey do not stop there. We reach the climactic part of the episode–where he gets completely drunk and writes Audrey a letter. At face value, Kevin totally seems like the traditional guy. One who may be casted as the nice guy. But hopefully the nice guy does not finish last this time around. Let’s have high hopes!

So he mails the letter. But wait, once he sobers up and realizes what he has done—alert the ambulance, because we have a mess to clean up!

Not only does it get in the hands of Audrey, but she looks completely conflicted. But why? Did she have feelings with Kevin in the past? Does she realize that he will treat her better than her current boyfriend? Clearly, lots of questions are still up in the air.

So even though Italy did not work for him, he gets his job back and has to face Audrey every single day (post-letter). Talk about awkward! Kevin decides to move desks in hopes it will help improve his relationship with Audrey or make it return to how it once was.

KEVIN FROM WORK - "Gossip From Work" - In “Gossip From Work,” airing at 8:30 PM ET/PT, Kevin and Audrey aren’t sure how to deal with the awkwardness of working together after Kevin’s feelings have been made known. Thinking it’s best if they aren’t around each other, Kevin asks to move his desk. But neither is happy with the new arrangement, and things get even more uncomfortable when the story of Kevin’s letter somehow makes it into the office newsletter. Meanwhile, Brian tries to get rid of a new friend he made to replace Kevin, now that Kevin is staying in town. And Roxie decides to “break up” with Patti for Kevin and ends up bonding with her.  (ABC Family/Adam Rose) NOAH REID, PAIGE SPARA

ABC Family

Not only does new desk arrangement cause quite the conundrum in the second episode, but it stirs the office gossip. Lots of news about Kevin and Audrey has been spread around the office. Now that the secret is out—and I’m quite surprised this all happened within the first two episodes—I am only left to wonder how the rest of the season will pan out.

Overall, the first two episodes may not have fully sparked my interest, but here’s to hoping that the rest of the season will pick up speed and development. The show is good for the “becomers,” which is the target audience that ABC Family is aiming for. The “becomers” are the ones in their twenties who are getting their first job and handling life in the real world while juggling other obstacles along the way. However, I hope there are some plot twists along the way that will keep up the entertainment factor.

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