My Glittering Court, inspired by Richelle Mead


We’re almost to April, which means that we’re incredibly close to the release of the first book in Richelle Mead’s newest series, The Glittering Court. The Glittering Court tells the story of Adelaide, a high-born member of society who decides to leave it all behind for her chance at a life where she’s the one calling the shots. But in order to get to that life, she has to disguise herself and be part of the Glittering Court, a school where they teach these girls how to be high-class ladies and wives. Before they’re presented in the New World, each girl is assigned a gemstone theme, which dictates their rank and their fashion.

After reading the book (review coming soon!), I had to come up with my own gemstone and pick some of my favorite YA ladies who I’d want to have with me. Check out my Glittering Court:



Amethyst – I could have picked something “higher-ranked” but I love purple, so that wins over rank for me.

Ladies I’d want in my Glittering Court:

  • Willowdean from Dumplin’
  • Kat from Heist Society
  • Bonnie Baker from Something Real
  • Avery from The Conspiracy of Us
  • Hope from Into The Dim
  • Desi from Princess for Hire

All of these ladies have skills that would be useful. They’re strong and inspiring and I think they’d have my back in the Glittering Court, despite the fact that it’s a competition.

The Look:

The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead will be available on April 5, 2016!  You can pre-order here:

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