Music Review: Tru Fam’s ‘Bowties & Applause’

Straight out of New Jersey and fresh off the Vans Warped Tour, Young Sha and Just I who make up “Tru Fam” are looking to make a stamp in the music industry and from what I can grab from their newest album Bowties & Applause, Tru Fam are also looking to run the gamut of rap styles.

Tru Fam kicks off things with the hard knocking “Denim Cashmere.” Overall, the song is dope. Both emcees ride the beat adequate enough and the chorus with it’s hypnotic repetition is fittingly unforgettable. With summer coming up, I could easily hear this one banging in many car stereos. After hearing that song, I thought I’d pretty much had these guys figured out, but oh was I very wrong.

Immediately following the very street intro comes a bubbly pop song that sounded more like it would be featured on Colin Munroe’s album than these guys. To be honest, I actually thought it was Munroe at first, but apparently there are multiple down-ass whiteboys with that sound these days. Anyways, back on topic, the follow up tracks  “Rebound” and the similarly upbeat “Crush” were a refreshing left turn that kept me interested in hearing what else is next. Come to find out, a trip into familiar territory was up ahead.

With songs like “Mrs. One Night Stand” ” Running 2 U” and “Beautiful Nightmare” Tru Fam take a trip to “Moody Rap Land” and while I’m not a fan of young rappers dabbling in such a personal style, Tru Fam’s lyricism are on point just enough to pull off the emotions needed to sell the tracks. Up next was the hipster pandering “Cool Kids” with a beefed up Grizzly Bear sample the track serves as fitting proclamation of freshness. Finally, the two best produced songs on the album, “Always On You” and “Lost My Mind” are the clear standouts to me which is only amplified by the fact that they are so different in content.

“Always On You” has this dizzying synth vibe that captures the essence of song that focuses on the overwhelming sensations when you have that girl worth keeping. On the completely other side of the spectrum you have “Lost My Mind,” with it’s foul bass and clever usage of a Lady Gaga sample is a party anthem to the core. The album ends on a hopeful note with the heavily dance influenced track “City That Never Sleeps” the song is a good party tune and leads to a satisfying finish for an album that has some truly choice cuts.

Now after listening to the album, which I do recommend to anyone looking for a new rap fix, I have to say that Tru Fam is a very promising act in the music industry. However, I must address that while I enjoyed the fact the group is willing to hit just about every mark to show they can be versatile, there’s still some tracks on this album that scream “Filler” and moments where the duo’s delivery could be tighter.

Ultimately, Tru Fam is a very promising duo who still have some work to do before they are the standout act I, as a new fan, have no doubt they could be and Bowties & Applause is a very solid step in that direction.

For those interested in checking out Bowties & Applause, the album can be downloaded here.

Nick is 24 years old and lives in the suburbs of Chicago. He’s an aspiring screenwriter and avid seeker of useless knowledge. He is a full-on video game and pop culture geek but hides it fairly well. In his free time, he has been known to hoard indie music and rock his beanie in unnecessary weather conditions while swearing up and down he isn’t a hipster. We’re pretty sure he’s a hipster though… You can contact him at & Twitter: @JustNickFoster