Music Review: ‘Born To Die: Paradise Edition’ by Lana Del Rey

       When she’s not off playing Jacqueline Kennedy, along side rapper A$AP Rocky, the “Born To Die” singer  has been working on her new album ‘Born To Die: Paradise Edition.’ The New York native has remastered tracks from her ‘Born To Die’ album and has added nine new songs that every  fan will love. With Lana Del Rey, real name Lizzie Grant, it’s pretty simple: you either love her or hate her. As a big Del Rey follower for quiet some time now, I believe that she has evolved tremendously on ‘Paradise.’ She is using different vocal styles, and has become edgier lyric wise. It is evident that she is taking more risk, and trying to explore a new, blunt, and seductive side.

The album starts with her first single ‘Ride’, which is Del Rey’s anthem of freedom. Her soothing and melancholic voice paired with the string section make this track one of the best in the album. With an absolutely fantastic vocal range, comes ‘American.’Just Springsteen, Elvis, Lana and the piano make this ballad project from the whole album.  Next it is probably the most seductive song anyone has written in years. With the most appropriate song tittle comes  ‘Cola (Pussy).’ Do not be taken back, this song is the perfect mesh between ‘Blue Jeans’ and ‘Dark Paradise’. Although I should advise for it not to be the last song you listen to, or like me, you’ll be singing “my pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola.” The “Coney Island Queen” really out did herself with the lyrics and her vocal ability. It hasn’t been a secret how much critics have started to doubt if she could sing at all. This albums definitely defends hers credibility as a singer. Del Rey has also been infamous for covering songs from her favorite artist, in ‘Paradise’ she decided to cover ‘Blue Velvet’ by Bobby Vinton, yes the creepy song we all hear in the H&M commercials. This Album is, without a doubt, an early Christmas gift to all of Del Rey’s fans. I’m excited to see how much Ms. Grant will evolve and grow as a musician with her next albums.

Make sure to buy Lana Del Rey’s new album ‘Born To Die: Paradise Edition’ out on November 12th.

Favorite songs: “Cola (Pussy)“, “Ride“, “Gods & Monsters

Rating: 9/10 

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