‘Kung Fury’ Delivers a Roundhouse Kick to the Senses

Kung Fury

Lasers, dinosaurs, laser-shooting dinosaurs, not to mention more kung fu nazis than you can shake a stick at. Kung Fury, the short film that pays homage to all things cheesy about 80s action movies, was released online for free today after premiering at the Cannes Film Festival. Whatever  you’re doing, it is well deserving of a 30-minute break. After successfully being Kickstarted back in January of 2014 with a budget of $630,000, director, writer and leading actor David Sanberg brings the movie to life in a captivating way. It is sensory overload in its purest form, exploding with special effects, over the top characters and plenty of neon to boot. If all of this sounds like your cup of tea then check out the full film below.

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