TV Review: ‘Jane the Virgin’ Chapter Twenty

jane ch 20 review

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This week’s episode of Jane the Virgin pins Jane vs. Petra vs. Rafael vs. Luisa vs. etcetera, etcetera. Basically, no character is really happy with each other as they get through the outcome of weeks and weeks of bad decisions and shocking reveals. For the average Jane the Virgin episode, it’s a little light on the drama. The twists were kept to a minimum, which made me a little restless watching the show tonight. Overall, it was almost a—dare I say it?—dull episode, up until the final act in which we get a couple scenes so packed with powerful emotion, I’m reminded why I eagerly tune in each week.

Jane is getting fed up, and she isn’t the only one. Thanks to the handy subtitles, the characters’ levels of anger and frustration are literally measured. Jane goes through some highs and lows, especially in regards to Rafael. Post-breakup she’s immediately mad, but two weeks later, she’s a bit more understanding and willing to move on. She’s mostly focused on the baby, who is breached. One of her missions throughout the episode is to help the baby turn in the right position for childbirth. Her other mission is to get justice for her grandmother’s accident. Alba remembers that it was Petra’s mom who pushed her down the stairs, and Jane is hell-bent on getting Petra’s mom thrown in jail. She even enlists Michael, who is happy to help. Unfortunately, the mother and daughter are equally sly and lie their way out of trouble. With no evidence, there’s nothing Jane or Michael can do to charge Petra or her mom with anything criminal.

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Luisa is back at the Marbella, with her new pro-wrestler girlfriend Juicy Jordan. Now that she’s back, she’s taking advantage of her share of the hotel, meaning she has Rafael and Petra competing against each other to get Luisa to side with either of them. Rafael wants to take out another loan to help keep the hotel afloat, while Petra wants to try out timeshares. All Luisa wants to do is throw a wrestling competition at the hotel, where her girlfriend can fight. However, much later, after the silly wrestling competition, Luisa admits that she’s there to help Rafael. The two have a sweet heart-to-heart where Rafael shares everything that has happened while she was gone. Luisa tries to convince Rafael that giving up Jane was the wrong decision, but he has his mind so set on creating a legacy for his kid that he can’t quite see her reasoning. However, I think it’s slowly seeping into his thick skull how HUGE of a mistake he made in the last episode.

As for Xiomara’s little mistake, her relationship with Rogelio seems over for now. Rogelio refuses to forgive Xio, despite her apologies. His work life seems to be going better for him too. He got his job back at Passions of Santos. (His character’s resurrection had to do with Kevlar, amnesia, and exiting from the sea in a wet button-down shirt.) With all of those good things happening in his life, his look of heartbreak when Xio tells him that she’s giving up and moving on says that Rogelio may have already forgiven her. Yet, I have this strange reason that he has connected his career success with his relationship with Xiomara. What I mean is that his career tends to tumble when they’re together, but once they’re apart, he gets his old job back and makes big comeback. I really hope I’m wrong, but this IS Rogelio after all.

My only comment about Alba’s relationship with a priest is that I’m VERY weirded out by it. I could do without that little subplot.

Finally, Jane’s decision at the end had me yelling “FINALLY!” to the heavens. Listen, anyone who just had experienced the past nine months she has had would already be running for the hills. All of the craziness and instability is not the right environment to raise a baby. Suing for full custody is a mature decision. Yes, it’s going to lead to some heartbreak, but it might kick certain characters back into reality and see how their decisions are badly affecting others.

Rating: 7/10

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“It should be noted that…”Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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  • alliebee

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the scene where Jane breaks down in front of her grandmother about being a single mother and having to learn to do things on her own, no matter how much support she gets from her mom and abuela. That was one of the most powerfully acted scenes I’ve seen on this show, it had me tearing up for Jane; and was further proof (not that any was needed) of how much Gina Rodriguez really did earn that deserve her golden globe.

    • MeriMakr8298

      That is a glaring oversight. I was screaming at the tv when she started up and by the end I was crying AND screaming. How could you blot that out?

      • You’re totally right. For some reason, I thought I touched base on that in this review, but clearly, I didn’t. But I agree with both comments. That was one of the series’ most powerful and emotional scenes.