TV Review: ‘Jane the Virgin’ Chapter Nineteen

Jane the Virgin ch 19

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Is there anyone who is NOT mad at Rafael right now? Because I totally am. What right does he have to make that kind of decision for Jane?

First, let’s start at the beginning of this week’s dramatic new episode of Jane the Virgin… Jane went through the 7 steps of grief in a matter of hours—sort of. She quite hasn’t nailed “acceptance” as she knocks on Rafael’s door with a plan to fix their relationship.

The couple goes through a lot of ups and downs in this episode, and Jane tries very hard to make her relationship with Rafael work. Her first solution is going to a couple’s therapist, who happens to be played by My Big Fat Greek Wedding’s Nia Vardalos. Jane is very optimistic, while Rafael is speculative. Even after a short, hilarious montage where they break down everything that’s happened in the past few months, you can see that there are still a number of differences Rafael and Jane need to work on compromising. I’ve expressed earlier how things are moving way too fast, but I have to admit I didn’t see it going this badly.

Feeling a little down, the last thing Jane wants to do is celebrate her baby shower, but she does. Her friend Lina accidentally invited Andie (Michael’s ex/current girlfriend), and the two confront each other about Andie’s cyber stalking. Obviously, Jane is not happy about it, and you can’t blame her. What Andie is doing is creepy, and she has no right to tell Jane not to tell Michael about it. After that little mishap, the party gets a lot better. Rogelio, who just launched a new singing career, performs a song (thanks for the sing-a-long lyrics!) and gets cut short with a slap from guest star Jane Seymour. Apparently, the two had a brief affair back in the day, and Rogelio dumped her with one of his famous gift baskets. As the two try to settle the past, Seymour’s character, who can’t resist Rogelio’s charms, lays one on him. Rogelio backs away instantly.

jtv 19 rogelio

Not being able to live with the guilt, Rogelio tells Xiomara about the kiss at the photo shoot for their Vegas concert show. Xo takes it well because she still hasn’t told Rogelio about her kiss with Marco the other night. Hoping he takes it well, she tells him the truth. Knowing how proud and egotistic he can be, Rogelio breaks up with Xiomara. I’m not too worried, since they’re committed to performing this show together. I’m sure Rogelio will find a way to forgive Xo.

While serious relationship drama is going down everywhere else, Petra has herself in a trickier situation. Roman Zazo has taken her hostage to the Everglades. She manages to use her feminine wiles to distract Zazo as she makes a phone call to the police; Zazo catches her though. A swift kick to the groin, Petra makes her escape. Zazo is hunting her down when he gets stabbed/impaled (once again—sort of!) by a stick Petra is holding. A moment later, Michael arrives to help Petra and snatches the USB drive that contained a list of everyone working for Sin Rostro.

It’s revealed that Andie isn’t the only person who is deceiving Michael. It seems like his partner has been lying to him the entire time. Nadine is on Sin Rostro’s list, and when Michael confronts her, she admits that Sin Rostro was threatening her family and she had no choice but to tip off the enemy. Affording her an ounce of sympathy, Michael gives her a head-start on an escape before he reports her to their boss.

Back to Jane and Rafael, a baby shower game reminds them of how much they love and admire each other. It gives them a spark of hope, and Rafael decides he wants to try. At the pool, they do some of the exercises the therapist recommended, but they end up ditching those for something more fun… like skinny dipping. Naked and kissing, Jane is so caught up in the moment that she tells Rafael she’s ready to have sex. Right when things are getting really heated up, they’re interrupted, and it kills the moment. Reflecting on it later with her mom, Jane realizes that sex wouldn’t help her relationship with Rafael. (It honestly would have made it much more complicated.) Xiomara suggests trying to find another way to compromise, which leads us to Part 2 of Jane and Rafael’s breakup.

jtv 19 rafael

After Jane compromises by finally agreeing to move in with him, Rafael tells her that it won’t work. He realizes that he doesn’t love her the way she loves him. He was too caught up in being a family more than anything else. It’s all bullshit though because we find out that Rafael just says that to save Jane from someone bad like him. Jane doesn’t know that though, and his break-up is rather cruel. If Rafael is going to take Jane’s choices away, then maybe they’re better off not together. I was sympathetic toward Rafael last week because he has gone through so many terrible things, but he has such a beautiful opportunity right in front him. Stop with the “not-worthy” B.S. By doing what he thinks is the right thing, he’s making the worst mistake.

Jane leaves dejected and sad, but bumps into Michael on her way out of the hotel. She tells him what happened, and he looks pretty sad for her too. As she heads to Alba’s car, Michael sends Andie a text, ending things with her. I’m very worried about how Andie is going to react to that news.

Right before they drive away, Jane and Alba see Petra and her mom walking into the hotel. Alba gets a flashback to the night she fell down the stairs and tells Jane that she thinks it was Petra’s mom who pushed her. It’s about time! It looks like we have a Jane vs. Petra face-off to look forward to in the coming weeks.

As much as I detested some of the events that took place in tonight’s episode, it was great hour of well-plotted and entertaining television. I’m both dreading and excited for Chapter 20!

Rating: 9/10

Anyone feeling Team Michael this week? Are Jane and Rafael done for good? Would you forgive Rafael after breaking up with you like that? Sound off dear readers in the comments!

“It should be noted that…”Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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