Heroes Reborn: Under the Mask

You know, I’ve calmed down since the premiere of Heroes Reborn. But the show is still having me questioning why? The why are you full of content and still give up bullshit. Ryan Gibbs, a fellow writer for The Young Folks, said “At the end of it, I was convinced that the first season was a trick; some sort of façade, not as good as I had assumed,” which in reality is the feeling I had throughout this episode. For some reason Macy’s made the show seem cooler then what it was. I thought season one had consistency, a pivotal quality needed for television.

This week’s episode was titled Under the Mask, which could have multiple meanings considering, but here it is mostly centered on Carlos Gutierrez taking the role of El Vengador, as well as introducing more pivotal characters to the plot.

Erika Kravid is introduced as the head of a company called Renautas. The company’s main purpose is to locate other evos. Her bodyguard, Harris, is an evo who can clone after losing a limb. It’s an interesting power, but nothing about the character came off as intriguing. Rya Kihlstedt, from Dexter, adds slight subtlety to the character, but she does come off too strong.

Zachary Levi’s story was too unclear for me to even care. I love the guy, but the show is wasting his talent. He’s one of the better actors on the show that needs a clear story. He’s out for revenge, but then there is a twist. C’mon.

I miss Chuck.

Miko’s story takes an obvious turn, but it’s also disappointing that the story is cut short. She’s the intro, and five minutes mid way through.

I’m surprised that for a show of this caliber one should believe NBC would have given them a bigger budget or a better crew. The show shows mediocrity in the VFX department, but less so then the directing. A lot of the action sequences were shot too typically. It has a lot twists and turns, I don’t even know why they even try.

On the other hand, there are some positives; sadly that goes to the set pieces. The sets were well constructed and the buildings looked authentic on the inside, but the effects being so poor it overshadows its greatness. The dialogue had its moments of clarity and moderation, but it wasn’t as consistent with every story. And by consistent I mean they should have taken out Tommy’s story from this episode. There is no RELEVANCE.

If the show wants to win anyone over they must step up their game because I see many possibilities and yet they don’t take advantage of that opportunity.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ out of 10

Kevin Montes is one sarcastically satirical dude. He’s usually at home watching hours of comedy and television, primarily Simpsons. Kevin aspires to be a TV writer, a joke writer, and composer for all things Harmony Korine. You can reach him on twitter @iamkevinmontes to further ask about all things Simpsons.