Heroes Reborn Review: Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Heroes Reborn has reached a new level of boredom; a surprising level of boredom, as I sat back continuing to not give a damn about anything of relevance in the show. This episode serves as an introduction to what happens after you mess with the butterfly. And in this episode’s case, it’s Quentin, the one guy I sort of felt something when he died. This totally makes me resent myself for that. No lie.

As they come back to the future, Noah finally reaches Tommy and Malina, only to have Tommy be taken away and Caspar dying. A good soul gone too soon, is what I would say if I were even remotely shocked. This is legit all that happens. Guzman infiltrates a mental hospital for Evos, but with the big reveal being that Matt, from the original series, is the director of the facility. Right there my sense of danger flipped into a sense of unnecessary irony. You learn little to nothing and this is all it has to offer. We I thought this show was going to have a slow burn, I didn’t expect it to be this slow. Like damn.

There is not much to say about the direction and the writing except that it’s completely subpar for NBC standards. Oh wait…

Tommy’s big reveal is that he can manipulate time and it comes to no use as Caspar’s death didn’t come like the bullet flying to his “girlfriend.” I wonder if the football player finds out. I remember after the two-part premiere I saw a big explosion with him, the girl, and her ex/current boo in a montage of what’s to come, and now I’m just waiting for that.

Maybe that’s where this show is really heading, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the ending is one of those major “Fuck-You” endings and nothing like that. Like how Dexter’s was. Don’t even watch that. Or even The Boondocks. Don’t watch that finale either. Stop at season three. Please.

I got sidetracked with predicting the future. I apologize, but in the direction this show seems to be going, I can’t find myself indulging in it. Like I want it to end as much as the next guy. I’m ready to pull my hair out. I’m venting. Here is me, venting, as this show eats away at a dying trend. It’s true; the superhero genre is seeing a decline and this doesn’t fix that. Now I’m just ready to give this a score.


Kevin Montes is one sarcastically satirical dude. He’s usually at home watching hours of comedy and television, primarily Simpsons. Kevin aspires to be a TV writer, a joke writer, and composer for all things Harmony Korine. You can reach him on twitter @iamkevinmontes to further ask about all things Simpsons.