From EW: Baby Daddy 4×13 “One Night Stand-Off” Recap

Baby Daddy 413

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The dashing Eddie Cibrian guest-stars as Ross, Riley’s one-night stand and new boss, in this week’s new episode of Baby Daddy. How did Riley get into this pickle (good one, Bonnie)? Well, you won’t be surprised that it all started out as Ben’s idea.

Ben and Riley are trying to become friends once again, since their efforts toward having a romantic relationship failed. At the Bar on B, Ben mentions a game he plays with the guys called “Shot and Score.” Like the title suggests, you take a shot and try to score with a stranger whom your friend randomly points to at the bar. Ben and Riley play, and Ben sets his sights on a beautiful woman, Jessica (Hilty Bowen), while Riley goes after Ross. The next morning, Riley catches Ben sneaking Jessica out of his apartment in the hallway, where he shamelessly admits that he “shot, scored, and a little more.” Riley admonishes him for leaving her alone the entire night, but once Ben goes back into his apartment, Riley is pushing Ross out of her apartment and into the elevator.

At work, both Riley and Ben run into problems. First, Riley walks into her office to see Bonnie using it her office equipment to print out her realtor flyers. Instead of kicking Bonnie out, Riley sits down and decides to ask her for some advice about one-night stands—since last night was her first one. Bonnie (unsurprisingly) doesn’t remember her first one-night stand, but from the details that Riley is sharing, she’s thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t stay a one-night stand between her and Ross. At that moment, Riley spots Ross outside her office window. Afraid that he’s a stalker or a client, Riley freaks out, and when he comes into her office and introduces himself as the new managing partner, Riley is beyond humiliated…but Ross looks just as embarrassed. Bonnie tries to defuse the tension by hilariously explaining her presence in the room—as Riley’s client who owns a pickle business.

As for Ben: a possible new owner of the Bar on B, Ian, is trying to close on a deal, but Ian first had his wife, Jessica—yes, that SAME Jessica—scope out the place the night before. Ben, who is determined to impress his potential new boss, is stunned to find out that he accidentally slept with Ian’s wife. Their meeting starts well, and Ben and Jessica keep things cool, until Tucker arrives and recognizes Jessica as “the naked girl” he ran into last night at his and Ben’s apartment. Looks like the Bar on B is going to need to find a new owner ASAP, or Ben is out of a job and his career as a bartender is over.

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