From EW: ‘Baby Daddy’ 4×12 “It Takes a Village Idiot” Recap

Baby Daddy 412

I contribute weekly recaps of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy for Entertainment Weekly’s The Community blog. Read an excerpt from my recap of this week’s new episode of Baby Daddy below!

The moral of this week’s new episode of Baby Daddy is “Don’t take anyone for granted.” It all starts when Danny, Bonnie, Tucker, and Riley get annoyed with Ben always passing Emma off to them when he has something (usually trivial) going on in his own life. When they confront Ben about this after he makes them give up some important appointments or dates for a pub crawl, Ben wants to prove to them that he can do the single-dad thing all by himself. That’s not a good move on Ben’s part, so the others go on strike, refusing to help Ben with Emma.

With the extra free time, Tucker advises Riley to concoct a fake boyfriend, so she can stop being so meddling whenever Danny is around. (Tucker is also currently faking a relationship, since he’s not ready to tell people how his girlfriend abruptly broke up with him.) The relationship between Danny and Riley is still pretty strained, and Riley wants their friendship to return to how it was before. Tucker tells her to ease in on the new fake-boyfriend story, but that’s not Riley’s style. She abruptly yells that she has a boyfriend to Danny and makes up these elaborate and far-fetched details about him. She’s lucky that Danny isn’t the brightest bulb of the batch.

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Baby Daddy airs Wednesday nights at 8:30/7:30c on ABC Family.

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