Five shows from 2015-2016 that you need to catch up on


I know, I know, summer is finally here, and with its arrival comes outdoor activities such as going to the beach, barbecuing, drinking outdoors, and even hiking if you’re the physical type. The general thought is that hey, since it’s warm out and (if you’re a New Englander such as myself) have been cooped up for yet another dreary and damn fall, winter and spring, it’s time to get the hell outside.

I am totally all for this. The beach is my second favorite place to be ever (riding close behind being a movie theater,) but for those thunder storm days or the uncomfortably humid, one fan only nights, you need some quality distractions. The 2015-2016 offered up a whole lot of fantastic shows, some of which even were unfortunately glossed over during their initial runs. So it’s  the perfect time to play catch up time, and with that in mind here are five shows totally worth your binge watching time for the summer.


If I’m being honest, I am currently in a similar boat as all of you, because I too waited way too long to finally watch this show. I got about six episodes in and forgot about it for months, but with all the pictures and promotions being released from the second season, I found myself looking back at my Netflix queue and clicking play, finally getting around to a show I should have finished immediately. The story is without a doubt on the convoluted side, but the Wachowski’s have created an inventive, vibrant series whose characters are instantly watchable and have something going on for everybody to love. Global, LGBTQ friendly and a story of original science fiction, Sense8 may have its dips and sillier side plot, but its overall storyline is gripping, as is simply watching these characters realize what’s happening to them and learning to help one another along the way.

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