Film Review: The Chilean drama ‘My Last Round’

Here’s another review from a film screened at the Tribeca Film Festival!

By: Natalia Elba

Longing to escape the mundane life he’s living, Hugo becomes captivated by a middle-aged epileptic boxer named Octavio, and even though he keeps his tough and masculine façade, Octavio is the first to make a move and immediately their attraction is magnetic. Life in a small town in southern Chile is hard for the two, for they can never be accepted in their community, and work is very hard. After Octavio finds out that if he boxes again he might die, Octavio and Hugo pack their bags to start a new life in the capital of Chile. They both find jobs that bring in a humble salary but Octavio is offered a boxing gig that he sure can’t let down. Meanwhile, Hugo is confused over his feelings for his colleague at his new workplace; things start to take a toll.

This movie is like a mixture of The Wrestler and Brokeback Mountain mostly because of the ending and how the movie was filmed. Written and directed by Julio Jorquera, his first feature film tells the story with such heartfelt characters and amazing performances from both actors. This movie will surely break your heart. Like many great independent films, this feature has a groundbreaking plot with a simple direction and the acoustic score will definitely remind you that not all great films have million dollar budgets. I’m very much looking forward to Julio Jorquera’s future projects.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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