Fall 2015 Television Preview: What to Watch


Oh, fall. I love you and I hate you. On the one hand, there’s the irritability factor of listening to people ramble on about pumpkin flavored anything which I can’t fathom tastes any good, the feeling of absolute dread when I realize winter is edging it’s way closer (after this Boston girl endured what felt like eight months of it last year) and the sad feeling of driving by empty, frigid and seagull infested beaches. On the other hand, there are excuses to drink hot apple cider and not look like a weirdo dressing in layers, and of course the television season is back in full swing. Rearrange the order of events to fit your style.

Returning shows and new, Fall 2015 has quite a lot to offer from it’s hard hitters to it’s underdogs. Take a look at the following list to see what television shows I’m most excited for and the ones I think you should keep an eye out for as well.


The Flash Season 2 (The CW) 

Racing it’s way back onto our screens after a highly successful and confident debut season, The Flash has the hurdle of avoiding a sophomore slump while also following up with their game changing finale. The possibilities are endless now with the timeline being given quite a shake up and Barry is going to have to deal with the fallout as well as the ramifications of (spoiler for people who are planning on binge watching) Eddie’s death. Personally, I’m hoping to see more for Cisco and Iris and I can’t wait for the baddies this season will bring (particularly if Professor Zoom is among them).

Jane the Virgin Season 2 (The CW) 

Gina Rodriguez is a star and I’m glad that even if the Emmy’s couldn’t recognize this, the rest of the world is beginning to. One of the more unexpected delights on the 2014 television season, Jane the Virgin was clever, vibrant, and had charm for days. Sure, there are some love triangle shenanigans as well, but it’s the relationship between Jane and her mother and grandmother (and the scene stealing Jaime Camill who plays her long lost father) that generate the most acclaim. Season one left us on quite a cliffhanger (as this show and it’s telenovela natural only could) and fans can’t wait to see how Jane overcomes her newest challenge.

AKA Jessica Jones Season 1 (Netflix)

No matter how much I love Peggy Carter (and it’s quite a lot) she was never going to be able to sustain fans needs for female superhero lead shows on her own. Thankfully, AKA Jessica Jones is coming to Netflix and if it’s anything like Daredevil, it’s going to be something fascinating and fun to behold. With the consistently underused Krysten Ritter nabbing the leading role and David Tennant as the ultimate baddie, the show is promising from the offset. Add in the fact that many of us have been craving female superheros and it’s going to be a tough one to beat.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 (Fox) 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most heartfelt comedies on television which comes as little surprise with the Parks and Rec crew in charge. It also has arguably the best comedic cast on television with a wealth of talents at their disposal. Season two had some low points but overall kept the same fun energy that made season one such a success. Holt has been ousted by his arch enemy Wuntch and Amy and Jake have admitted their mutual, adorable feelings for one another so with the addition of the always fantastic Bill Hader to season three, September 27th couldn’t come soon enough.

The Knick Season 2 (Showtime)

So I’m cheating a bit with this one since I have only seen the very first episode (something I will be fixing soon) but that first episode is a wild one. Certainly not for the weak stomached, the surgical drama created by Steven Soderbergh is excellent and has been touted as one of the best shows currently on television. With a cast lead by Clive Owen and an overall cinematic atmosphere, the show is like nothing else currently airing and had me hooked after the very first hour.

Supergirl Season 1  (CBS)

For all that superheroes reek of boys club shenanigans, I need more shows like Supergirl which is shameless in its message about female empowerment. Heavy handed with the dialogue sure, but I can forgive it when the voice behind the screen and on is so unique to what I’ve become accustomed to in the genre (or really television as a whole). Melissa Benoist is a disarmingly charming presence, in the same vein of Grant Gustin’s affable Barry Allen, and the show clearly has an investment in it’s heroine and the cast of characters around her, and they also have the privilege of getting to begin their origin story with a character who already knows her abilities and now just has to hone them. Premiering on CBS in October, Supergirl is the hero I want to see.


You’re the Worst Season 2  (FXX) 

Bitingly funny and possessing two unlikely romantic leads in Aya Cash and Chris Geere, season one of the comedy You’re the Worst was one of last years surprise hits. We meet up with them again in season two as they’ve settled (kind of) into coupledom and are facing the paranoia induced fears of normalcy that come with it. After seeing the first two episodes that the studio sent out (look for my review of the premiere this Wednesday) I can assure you that it hasn’t lost it’s edge and is as funny as ever.

Casual Season 1 (Hulu) 

Created by Jason Reitman, Hulu’s Casual could have easily slipped under the radar (and still might). Seemingly small in scale and focusing on sibling relations, the show has an interesting cast on board, and I’m always willing to give anything Reitman makes a shot.

Please Like Me Season 3 (Pivot) 

My favorite show of 2014, Please Like Me’s season three couldn’t come soon enough. Created by and starring Australian comic Josh Thomas, the show’s foray into the consistently awkward experiences of a mid-twenty year old is almost uncomfortably relatable at times. Playing with both comedic and dramatic elements, the show is quite welcoming, inviting us in to visit Josh and his friends.

Moonbeam City Season 1 (Comedy Central) 

I feel confident in saying that there’s nothing else quite like Moonbeam City premiering this fall. An animated take on jaded detectives and criminal activity and set in a self-described “neon-soaked metropolis,” it’s going to, at the very least, be a spectacle. 

Into the Badlands Season 1 (AMC)

A mighty warrior and a young boy search for enlightenment in a ruthless territory controlled by feudal barons.”

I mean, with that type of synopsis how can’t I give the first episode or two a shot? I have little to no idea what this show is going to entail but in a time where TV networks like to utilize familiar routes of narratives (buddy cop show, aloof detectives who are smarter than you, wacky family sitcoms) it’s nice to see a synopsis come around that you haven’t read before. Maybe it will end up being the same old shtick and/or be terrible, but I’m intrigued.

Flesh and Bone header

Flesh and Bone Season 1 (Starz) 

Black Swan for television? Yes. Ditto what I said about Into the Badlands– I love it when genres are screwed with and turned on their heads and Flesh and Bone seems to be doing exactly that. Focusing on a character named Claire, a troubled ballerina, it seems that the show is ready to create a competitive thriller based in the world of ballet; something we haven’t seen much of before. Seemingly going beyond simple, basic drama, the show isn’t arriving until November, but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

The Man in the High Castle Season 1 (Amazon)

“A glimpse into an alternate history of North America. What life after WWII may have been like if the Nazis had won the war.”

I LOVE high concept television series. I love daring showrunners who decide to break tradition and do something a little weird and The Man in the High Castle is set to be one of the more interesting premises of the fall season. Sure, prestige dramas catch my eye often, but I also love pulpy series, science fiction, superheroes, the works and shows that mix drama and fantastical elements. Created by Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files) the show is going to be bridging everything that I love about serialized television.

Transparent Season 2 (Amazon) 

After a tremendous and award winning debut season, Transparent has it’s work cut out for it to meet the high standards it set. With the team involved and lead by an amazing turn by Jeffrey Tambor, the show is clever, heartfelt and uncompromising. With the show taking on more transgender writers for season two, the show is only heading for better things.

Let us know in the comment’s which shows you’re excited for!

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