Directed By Women: Join the Event Going Until September 15th 2015


I’m as big of a feminist as I am a fan of films, both of which are definitive parts of my personality. This year, due to the influence of some fantastic blogs and my own personal annoyance at the male dominated stories being told on screen, I’ve put in a concerted effort to watch more films directed by women. This has lead to an incredibly rich experience watching films this year and while I still have “classic” viewing to catch up on, I’m much more inclined on watching more from Nora Ephron than Woody Allen, and I gravitate towards seeing as much Agnes Varda as I can opposed to seeing The Godfather for the first time. I crave female stories being told on the big screen, with powerful, innovative voices behind them.

Directed By Women is hosting a project, a worldwide viewing party, which started September 1st and is running until September 15th. Check out the site to discover more about what it’s about Welcoming all film lovers for screenings and guest filmmaker visits to help focus attention and celebration for female filmmakers and the amazing work they continue to do. 

Check out the site to see if there are any screenings being held near you and if you can’t make one, watch from home and tweet away! (For the first two days I’ve watched Zoe Cassavette’s Broken English and Penelope Spheeris’s Wayne’s World, both delightful in their own ways.) Join the conversation and join the fun in discovering new films for the first time.

For ideas of what you can watch and where, Hulu Plus currently has a section dedicated to female directed films, Women and Hollywood compiled this fantastic list of films directed by women of color which was started because of a tweet by Selma director Ava Duvernay and the site has an extensive library of films and where to find them.
What are your favorite films directed by women? Let us know in the comment section!

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