Cat’s Movie Review: Snitch

Snitch_PosterI’m pretty sure most of you have an unexplainable dislike of Lifetime movies–you’re forced to watch it because your parents, spouse, anyone has put it on, and you can’t complain but still be interested. Well, that’s exactly what Snitch is to me.

Snitch stars Dwayne Johnson as construction company owner John Matthews, John Bernthal (that’s Shane from The Walking Dead for you zombie addicts) as  former narcotics criminal Daniel James, Susan Sarandon as District Attorney Joanne Keeghan, and Barry Pepper as Agent Cooper. The story is based on real life events surrounding a boy who was framed into drug possession by his best friend. The story goes on to show the choices the boy’s father makes in order to free his son from jail, where he is abused and put into an infirmary for all the physical beatings he receives.

Honestly, the movie is okay–more of an “I’d wait for it to come on TV” than waiting for the DVD or streaming it. This usually happens with true story movies–sometimes there isn’t enough drama or there is too much, and it causes the whole story to break off. It even has the acting qualities of a Lifetime/true story movie–not even Pepper or Sarandon could save the movie. There was too much overacting involved and not enough time spent on the actual script, as certain things needed to be explained in order for the plot to move along. The story itself was quite interesting–going through the ordeal of a father (Johnson) trying to save his estranged son (Rafi Gavron) from jail, so he decides to try to capture a drug lord in exchange for his son’s serving time.

Although I found the acting overall to be a bit much, it does show a side to Johnson that’s different than the average action film you’d usually see him in. He finally is able to show his serious acting side that might come forth as overdone (well to me anyway), but he is able to portray a loving father and still show that he is conflicted as to how much love is returned by his son. On the other hand, the lesser actors (including, and sadly, Bernthal) really couldn’t portray that on-screen reality that is expected when you have three other major actors signed onto the project.

I’d say my biggest peeve would have to be the overacting, but the film is still a good film to see if you’re interested in the law and if you like having that paranoia that your friend might frame you into going to jail. I give it a 6/10 ★★★★★★, and that’s being a bit generous.

You can watch the Snitch trailer below, and it’s in theaters now.

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    Great movie.