Once I heard that Cher and Christina Aguilera were teaming up for a movie about burlesque, I was very excited. After seeing the trailer, I expected great performances and a slightly cheesy (maybe even predictable) plot. And that’s what “Burlesque” delivered. Despite some of the campiness, this film is so entertaining. It was a ton of fun watching it.

The movie begins with Ali (Christina Aguilera), a girl who decides to leave her small hometown for Los Angeles to become a star. Well, obviously, it is not that easy to become successful in L.A. One day, Allie finds herself in front of a burlesque club. She wanders in and becomes consumed by their world.

Cher plays Tess, the club’s owner. Stanley Tucci is Tess’s assistant and trusted friend. The chemistry between Cher and Tucci is great. Those two make the film and share some of the best scenes. Their banter bounces perfectly off each other. Kristen Bell plays Nikki, the star of the club before Ali comes along. Cam Gigandet stars as Jack, the club’s bartender and a love interest to Ali.  Alan Cummings, Peter Gallagher, and Eric Dane also star.

The performances are awesome. Cher’s first song is “Welcome to Burlesque,” which is performed when Ali walks into the club for the first time. Cher performs one other song, “You Haven’t Seen Last of Me.” It’s a beautiful ballad, and unsurprisingly, Cher performs it with power and emotion.

Christina Aguilera performs the rest of the songs. All of her performances are thoroughly entertaining and fun. Everything is well choreographed. Writer and director Steve Antin does a great job filming the stage performances.

Overall, “Burlesque” is a fun movie I wouldn’t miss. If you love musical performances, this movie is a must-see! (I also totally recommend getting the soundtrack.) Even though it’s geared toward women and gay men of all ages, I think anyone can enjoy and appreciate this movie.

“Burlesque” will release in theaters November 24th.

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