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In a world where people are invulnerable to illness and death, with lives spanning hundreds of years, a sixteen-year-old becomes witness to the impossible – her brother’s failure to regenerate after death after which she suspects that she too may be mortal. (Goodreads)25349721

Fear My Mortality by Everly Frost features Ava Holland, a teenager living in a world where people don’t die – or at least not for hundreds of years. Instead, people are born with the ability to regenerate if they are killed. This fact has held off world wars for years, due to the fact that if no one can really die, there’s no point in dropping nuclear bombs on each other. However, Ava’s world is turned upside-down when her brother Josh is killed – and then doesn’t regenerate. As she learns about her own limits, she’s being tracked by both governmental and rogue groups hoping to use her as a weapon and is forced to go on the run with Michael, the boy who murdered her own brother.

I was really surprised by Fear My Mortality, in a good way. I was sucked in pretty quickly and stayed engaged until the end of the story. Ava is an outcast in her society for many reasons. She’s afraid of death in society where it’s not supposed to be a big deal. When her brother is killed, Ava is thrust into the spotlight for reasons she never could have dreamed of and she’s forced into situations that would cause most people to freeze out of panic. Despite her nerves surrounding death, she thinks quickly on her feet and gets out of a many life-threatening situations smartly and with barely a scratch (at least, for the most part).

Ava’s relationship with Michael comes with a lot of baggage, especially considering the fact that he killed her brother and his father and uncle are responsible for some of the mess she ends up. It definitely wasn’t insta-love between them and I appreciated all of the layers of their relationship. The moral questions brought in are thought provoking and to top it off, Ava has to sort out her feelings for this complex boy while running for life.

Fear My Mortality is pretty much non-stop action. There’s a lot of futuristic technology and the whole not dying thing brings in some pretty interesting plot points. I can’t say too much without spoiling things but Fear My Mortality is a little reminiscent of Divergent. I want to mention that some things felt like they could have been smoothed out a little to be more clear, but there were no issues that seriously put me off. The adventure and suspense kept me interested and reading up to the last page.

The book ends in comfortable place – no suspenseful cliffhanger here – but I am definitely interested in seeing where Everly Frost is planning to go from here!

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About the Author:

Everly Frost wrote her first story when she was nine. She grew up in a country town, lived for a little while in Japan, and worked for several years in Canberra, Australia’s capital city. Now, Everly lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and two children. She doesn’t speak Japanese so often anymore, has left the cold Canberra winters behind, but has never stopped writing.

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