Bachelor in Paradise Finale: Love Found & Love Lost


Paradise came to an end with love and heartbreak. The unsure couples decided to bounce (mainly due to the guys choosing). Ashley I. and Wells didn’t work out. Lamp guy and every swooning (delusional) woman after him didn’t work out either. The couples that were left to test out the overnight dates were: Carly and Evan (who would have thought), Josh and Amanda, Lace and Grant, Nick and Jen. Here is what ended happening to each of these couples:


It seems like an eternity ago that Lace and Chad had a thing. Grant has been the aggressor in this romance. So what did they do to cement their romance? Get matching tattoos! The “Grace” tattoo is supposed to be a combination of their names. Talk about ever lasting, after that. He started having doubts about proposing AFTER getting the tattoo. She was ready for the proposal. Ultimately Grant couldn’t pass up on the allure of proposing to Lace, so he did.

Verdict: Successful paradise romance


Who in the world would have seen these two ending up together? Just a few episodes ago, Carly was disgusted by having to kiss Evan, so now they are one of the most legitimized couples left? If Grant was aggressive in his pursuit of Lace, then Evan was ten times as aggressive and weird in his pursuit of Carly. He even managed to fake a illness that resulted in a trip to the hospital. After numerous attempts she finally took a liking to him. During the final rose ceremony Evan undoubtedly proposes to Carly, she tells him that she loves him. These two found love in paradise.

Verdict: Successful paradise romance


Are they done making out? No, okay. There are only three things Josh did on the entire season. Eat pizza. Flip out and go Hulk on Nick. Make out with Amanda. Apparently the making out portion lead to a real love. As disliked as Josh was, Amanda didn’t listen to the outside noise and trusted their relationship. It worked out in the end. A very sweaty Josh assured her that he wanted to be a father figure to her two young kids and he proposed to her. She accepted in a blink of an eye. Pappa Josh, it is.

Verdict: Successful paradise romance


Well this one was anti-climactic. The outcome of the Nick-Jen love affair was spoiled last week when Nick was named as the next Bachelor. So much for that. It turns out that Jen fell in love with Nick, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. So he broke the news to her at the final rose ceremony, right after she proclaimed her love for him. Ouch. Now, Nick gets to be The Bachelor and have 25 women at his choosing. Jen shouldn’t have any issues getting a man to love her. By far she was the hottest woman in paradise, and she seemed sweet. Time for me to apply for The Bachelorette in hopes that Jen is the next Bachelorette!

Verdict: Fail 

Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise was the most dramatic one yet. It all started out with crazy Chad and and concluded with three engagements we wouldn’t have seen coming at the start of the season. It was just announced that Bachelor in Paradise was renewed for a fourth season next summer. Paradise is closed for the season, but it sure left us with a lot of fun drama.

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