From EW: ‘Baby Daddy’ Summer Premiere Recap

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I contribute weekly recaps of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy for Entertainment Weekly’s The Community blog. Read an excerpt from my recap of this week’s new episode of Baby Daddy below!

After an epic binge-watch of season three and the first half of season four on Netflix last weekend, I am totally pumped for Baby Daddy to come back for new episodes this summer on ABC Family. While it isn’t perfect, it’s one of those feel-good shows that can put a smile on your face, even when the characters are facing some dramatic or heavy moments.

To briefly recap, the last episode left us with Riley (Chelsea Kane) confessing to Danny (Derek Theler) that she has feelings for him during his big game. Danny, who has been harboring a mad crush on Riley for years, is elated by the news, but it quickly goes wrong when she also admits to knowing about his crush on her for a while now. The fact that Riley knew about his feelings but still went after his brother, Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), didn’t sit too well with Danny.

Having ruined her relationships with the Wheeler brothers, we find Riley back home in New Jersey hiding from them. She has given up her apartment lease and is considering relocating to her law firm’s office in Buffalo, “the other city that never sleeps.” Her mom (guest star Alex Kapp Horner) isn’t exactly the coddling type, and keeps sarcastically hinting that Riley’s stay isn’t welcomed. Life without the Wheelers isn’t all that great.

Almost as quickly, the Wheelers realize that life without Riley isn’t the same. Ben is the first to notice that Riley has disappeared. He doesn’t hesitate for a moment in looking for her, and he’s shocked when he learns that Riley moved back to Jersey. “No one moves back to Jersey!” he yells, trying to convince Danny that there is must be something really wrong with Riley. Danny, however, doesn’t want to bother with Riley; he’s still hurting from her confession and throwing himself into his relationship with Riley’s co-worker Robyn (Christa B. Allen).

Ben heads to Jersey and Riley’s childhood home to see what’s wrong, but there’s one big obstacle in his way: Riley’s mother. Apparently—and not surprising at all—Ben has a history of terrorizing Riley’s mom’s garden gnomes and cat. (For the record, he didn’t shave the cat; he waxed the poor thing. Seriously, Ben?) She refuses to let him in, so he decides to take an alternate route, climbing to the roof and trying to get in through Riley’s bedroom window. Riley is so shocked to see him that Ben ends up falling backward off the roof. Ouch.

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Baby Daddy airs Wednesday nights at 8:30/7:30c on ABC Family.

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